Panorama Sheets

Developer: ProVUE Development

Current Version: 6.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Panorama Sheets combines the full power of a database with the familiar experience of a spreadsheet. It's a powerful and easy to use tool whenever you need to store, organize or analyze any kind of information. All data entry, searching, sorting, data analysis and data manipulation is handled using a straightforward spreadsheet like interface. Data can be easily imported or exported to/from text files and spreadsheets, and can be printed either as a table or as mailing labels. Our unique Total Recall technology protects your data thru just about anything, including power outages and system crashes.

Key features:

• Lightning Fast RAM Based Speed
• Flexible Searching & Sorting
• Interactive Data Analysis
• Powerful Data Reshaping Tools
• Custom Labels
• Relational
• Data entry auto-complete, auto caps, & more
• Smart dates
• Select Duplicates
• Import/Export to/from spreadsheets, text files and clipboard
• Roll back unwanted changes
• Crash Proof

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 6.0
Review by dannygrizzle

Panorama Rocks! - Panorama is a true jewel of Macintosh software. The developer has been in Mac software from the very beginning - 1984. This product, including its direct predecessor OverVUE, has been aggressively developed and supported for almost 30 years! The intelligence, care, quality, and maturity show. On a basic level, databases are programs to store lists. Many people use spreadsheets for this purpose. But true databases are often the right tool for the job. In fact, few people look back at spreadsheets after experiencing a true database like Panorama. Panorama is easy and approachable for beginners. "The database that thinks it's a spreadsheet." You can start getting things done without reading lots of manuals. A true database program, Panorama can take you far beyond spreadsheet programs. This is a wonderful thing. If you want to do get more out of your computer than simply viewing other people's content, Panorama is perfect. It is easy as a first grade teacher, but as thoroughly professional and competitent as the U.S. Marine Corps -- this is software is tough enough to make men out of boys. You can grow with the Panorama family of software - it can take on the toughest missions. I've been using Macintosh since the very beginning. I have no affiliation with ProVUE Development, except satisfied customer. I've purchased far more software than most people will ever know exists. But in all my years using computers, no other software approaches the value I've received from Panorama. Panorama Sheets is a great introduction to databases, a fundamental cornerstone category of computer software. Anybody who wants to use their computers to get real work done should get started now with Panorama Sheets, a great first step into the full range of Panorama database software - an extended family that can grow into fully professional systems including multi-user database systems and enterprise class servers. Panorma is certainly the best money I have ever spent on software!

Found helpful by 29 out of 38 people
Version 6.0
Review by Ghshephard

Confused -is this some elaborate hoax? - I'll admit that I was hoodwinked into purchasing this applications because of all the five star reviews. I was excited - Database with all the ease of use of a spreadsheet, so perhaps I purchased too quickly. After downloading it, the first thing I wanted to do was migrate one set of my files from Excel over to Panorama, so as to both make it more cleanly BCNF and, most importantly, make it a shared database. After spending about two hours, using the App, and reading the instructions, I've come to the conclusion that "Panorama Sheets" is a well executed, but very minimal subset of Microsoft Excel functionality, and by subset, I'm talking about 10-15% of what I use on Excel each day to evaluate data. The application is touted as "relational" - but I could not find any way to set up a relational database. Indeed, searching in Help got me pointers to MySQL and Filemaker Pro. It seemingly has no concept of multiple users - which eliminates pretty much any concievable value you would find in this versus a spreadsheet. You can't even create a Data Entry Form - which is technology from 1990 - the entire application feels like some elaborate (but well executed) Hoax. It is worth maybe $2.99, but a complete ripoff at $39.99. I would highly, highly recommend not wasting the $40 I just spent, and go download the free trial. See for yourself if this does _anything_ that the spreadsheet program you already own doesn't do. Sometimes I make bonehead application purchasing decisions. This is one of them. See if you can learn from my mistake.

Found helpful by 42 out of 58 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 6.0
Review by eabolden

Sheets - A fast, convenient database - Great for managing lists. Good searching. Like the installation through the App Store. I like that Sheets is a full application which lets you get work done. This is the full version which will work well for most users. There is another application Panorama for advanced forms, and more programming, but Sheets does all of the list managing I need. Thanks for this app, and the App Store.

Found helpful by 9 out of 13 people
Version 6.0
Review by Bob Ross1952

What a huge disappointment. - What a huge disappointment. In reading the reviews, people either love it or hate it. I fall into the “I’ve learned to hate it category”. I am running of the current version of Mavericks, Sheets has crashed at least 10 times. I lost data once, my sheet is only a couple of hundred records along and has 20 fields. I cannot seem to make it print in color to my Brother Color laser printer. The column headings do not line up inside the column boxes in the top row. I’ve tried 10 different fonts and font sizes. This occurs on both my Mac Pro and my MacBook Pro. I’ve tried to use their website to see if others are having similar problems. Does not display anything at all when I selected advanced search. All these problems that exist on two different computers, I’ve tried Safari, Google, Firefox. I can't even seem to post to the forum, after I joined it. Mack software should not be this hard to use - I give up. Bob Ross

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 6.0
Review by LaserM

Great app - This is a great application for handling large data lists. It is far faster than Excel, Access, Open Office, or Numbers, and cheap for what it does. This is not a replacement for Excel’s math and charting capabilities nor Number’s form formatting, but it is far better, faster, and safer, at managing large amounts of data than any other app I’ve seen and something to tide you over if you don’t need a full database yet. I don’t know why others have had trouble importing and exporting data as I have found this very easy and fast. To create a nice form or report, you can export easily organized data to other applications. I am totally hooked and will soon be upgrading to the full version of Panorama.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 6.0
Review by Pepperrj

Read the Instructions - All I can think is that the people who complain about this program have not read the manual. This is not a spreadsheet. I initially believed that I could use intuition from decades of spreadsheet use to run this program. I was wrong and experienced many of the problems I see listed. Once I “asked for directions” by reading the manual, I found it a breeze to use and I found it does everything advertised.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 6.0
Review by callousobserver

don - compared with excel (or not) this program is pathetic. it's hardly functional. it's provided nothing but frustration for me.

Found helpful by 3 out of 11 people