Apps Similar to Panini Scanner Cleaning

DotsSweep is a small desktop application that lets you delete invisible files (ones whose file names start with ._) in a folder of your selection recursively. Actually, you can clean up multiple folders all at a time. If there are invisible files i

-- FEATURED BY APPLE AS AN INVALUABLE UTILITY -- AWARDED MACWORLD 'MAC GEM' 2013 - The Best Memory Cleaning App Memory Clean is the ultimate app for optimizing your Mac's memory and is best used after you have finished using a memory (RAM) intensive

FULL-DISKfighter is an easy to use disk cleaning utility designed to clean your hard disk of unnecessary files and clutter with 5 cleaning and optimzing tools in 1. Features: * JUNK CLEANER - Clean your Mac of unneeded files and other junk. * DUPLI

nice killer is a menubar task killer. It is the simplest app that helps you maintain freshness on your Mac during long day of work. If after few hours of runtime you want to refresh your environment and start over without rebooting your Mac - choose

Advanced Memory & Disk Cleaner Optimize the clean algorithm, became the fastest memory cleaner in the App Store Repair all the bugs mentioned by the user in old versions The most competent memory cleaner on the market, not only clean the inactive m

MACWORLD GEM - End the chaos of your unorganized files. Take a look at your Desktop, or the Downloads folder - is it a little disorganized? Or maybe really disorganized? Don't worry, it's really easy to clean up. Download Folder Tidy right now and c

Generate Event Gadgets for Google Calendars all in one easy app! An event gadget is a small icon or "gadget" in your Google Calendar that doesn't require creating an entire event that takes up space on your calendar. This usually requires hand co

Lightweight World clocks that sits on your menubar. Add cities to the list and be informed of the current time in these cities! #features - uses natural language (today, tomorrow, yesterday) to indicate if the city is in the same day as the user -

Mac after running for some time, will inevitably produce useless files, the duplicate file is most number of useless files, These duplicate files scattered in our hard disk, take up a lot of disk space, seriously affecting the efficiency of file sea

Auto-magically add a Table of Contents (TOC) to your PDF. Use powerful tools to quickly build and edit a TOC. Use PDFOutliner to: ◇ Add a TOC to PDFs exported by ◇ Clean up messy TOC provided by PDF’s original publisher &

# For users running OS X El Capitan (10.11) or macOS Sierra (10.12), there's a newer version available. Please search for "CustomMenu 3". # CustomMenu lets you build your own global menu containing your favorite apps, files, and folders. Once create

Speed up your Mac with MemoryKeeper by automatic smart cleanups. MemoryKeeper is an application for simplifying memory control of your Mac. Incredibly simple and user-friendly interface, powerful algorithm, beautiful animated design and educational

Prevent your computer from going to sleep when you connect certain external displays, such as a projector or a TV set. Tired of moving your mouse pointer around to keep the screen on? Useful in several situations such as: - Have you ever been in t

HP Easy Wireless Setup will assist you in configuring your wireless-capable HP printer. Within a few minutes, you can be set up and printing from your Mac to your new HP printer. HP Easy Wireless Setup is an OS X utility designed to assist with co

BurnIn allows you to burn in your new headphones, earphones or speakers. It keeps track of the exact burn in time on multiple sets of speakers or headphones. BurnIn plays White, Pink or Brown noise samples that are extremely "high quality" 16 Bit Li

AllAboutFiles is a fast file counter and more. It's able to scan thousands of files per second on a modern Mac. It lets you easily find out where large numbers of files exist, and where your disk space is being used. Point AllAboutFiles to a director

Clean up your disk in 5 minutes! ClearDisk is a Mac OS X utility designed to clean the hard disk of unnecessary files which clog up the disk space. The purpose of ClearDisk is just to find unused files on your computer and remove them in several

Droffett is a drop application which "flattens" a folder, i.e. moves all files which are descendants of it so that they are directly inside it. Droffett can also be used to aggregate a set of files by extension. This process will place all files wit

** Happy Chinese New Year, Free for Limited Time until Fab 10, 2013** ezText is a Plain Text Encoding Convert Utility on Mac OS X. It gives you a simple, mouse-driven way on text encoding conversion. You just need few steps to convert the text encod

The software is designed to catalog the electronic invoices, cataloging of tickets as receipts of purchase and other types of documents. In short order to keep all those documents that we receive or in paper form or electronically and that there woul