Developer: Alex Leverington

Current Version: 0.9.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Pair is a key-value storage client.

Initially Pair only supports Redis.
Current features for Redis driver:
- connect to host/port
- command line interface (console)
- support for pasting quoted/escaped content

Visit support page for information about future features and interface support.


Release Notes:

Better support for transactions, subscriptions, and monitor mode.

Improved performance for commands with high-volume responses. Millions of keys should return quickly.

Switched to async hiredis library.
Bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0.9.1
Review by Slant

Painfully Minimal - I purchased this app knowing full well that I could simply connect to my Redis servers using the command line (redis-cli), but I wanted something with which I could easily access my various Redis servers. After a few minutes with this app, I'm quickly realizing that there is zero benefit to using this app over the command line (which is free, by the way). Pros: - It has a pretty interface and icon - It's not in your terminal (it won't clutter up your terminal windows if you need this level of Redis access frequently) Cons: - DOES NOT retain your Redis server's IP address and port - This goes without saying, considering the last point, but it doesn't allow you to save multiple server connections. - Can't clear the buffer (personal annoyance) This app would be truly amazing if it had a few tweaks (which I realize are a lot of work): - Tab-completion for commands - Server list (see Sequel Pro) - Name, IP Address and Port of server. (Perhaps a dropdown to connect to a server would replace the existing two fields at the top?) - Ability to clear buffer - Actual icons instead of just words for connect and disconnect options. - 'Hide Toolbar' option should not only hide the connection buttons, but also the two fields. When I'm connected and want a minimal interface, that only gets me half way there. - When in the IP and Port fields, hitting the Enter key should connect to the server. It's a very good effort and one I feel could go VERY far if some love were given to it, but as it is right now, it is NOT worth $4.99 in my opinion.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 0.9.1
Review by grzyweasel

Don't bother - This app does nothing that you can't do at the command line. If you don't want to ever open terminal then maybe this is the app for you, but otherwise save your money. It's too bad since it would be great to have a decent GUI for Redis/Mongo.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people