Painnt - Pro Art Filters

Developer: Moonlighting

Current Version: 1.33

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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Turn your photos and videos into masterpieces! Choose from our selection of 120+ filters, including classical, comic book, modern, abstract and mosaics. We regularly add new stunning filters to our collection.

Preview and fine-tune settings for unique results, and render realistic paintings in high resolution. For a final touch, add a genuine-looking frame from our wide selection, or even create a time lapse video that shows your art come alive.

When you are ready to unveil your masterpiece to the world, save or share your painting with friends and family by email or social networks. Also, join our awesome community where you can display your artwork, get feedback and engage other like-minded artists.

Don’t wait for us to add new filters to the app (which we regularly do). Create a custom filter out of any image, painting or photograph you like.
Painnt also filters your videos, adding a unique look to your memories through our one-stop-shop app.

This free app limits output resolution, adds a watermark and allows to process one picture at a time (no batch); you can unlock the entire library, hide watermarks, process in batch, use custom styles, process video and enable high resolution via an in-app subscription.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

Painnt Subscription FAQs


1 week subscription - $1.99
1 month subscription - $2.99
1 year subscription (best value) - $14.99

Q: What is a subscription?
A: By purchasing a subscription, you can unlock all of Painnt's Premium features:
Access the entire app library
Process your photos in HD
Process a batch of images
Hide app watermark

Q: What happens when I purchase a subscription?
A: Your iTunes account will be charged the listed price and you’ll get immediate access to all Premium features when you confirm the purchase. Your subscription will NOT automatically renew, so when it expires you'll need to purchase another one in order to keep having access to premium features. You'll still have access to all free features.

Q: Why am I asked to create an account after purchase is confirmed?
This is needed for sharing your subscription with other Mac devices you may own. This will be asked from you as soon as the transaction is finished. If you don't do it at that point, you can do it later, provided you don't uninstall the App, by clicking on the Unlock HD + No watermark + Batch processing located in the bottom right corner of the App's window and then click on Restore and then clicking on Share.

Q: How can I restore my subscription on a new device?
A: Click on the Unlock HD + No watermark + Batch processing and then click on Restore


Release Notes:

* New awesome icon!
* Bugfixes and improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.33
Review by Tjj2u

Great! - Have been waiting for an artistic app like this for a long time! Possibilities are endless...

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.0
Review by Brainwave44

This appears to be simply an advertisement - I downloaded this Painnt program and could do nothing with it. It appears to have many different effects, many quite nice, that can be applied to a photo you import by drag and drop. I got a TIFF photo to import and I got a JPG photo to import. I could not get a single effect to work on or be applied to the two different photos I imported (one at a time). THERE ARE IN-APP PURCHASES TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE CREATIVE FILTERS. Therefore, I have concluded that this app is simply an advertisement for a purchase you have to make after downloading. There are no instructions that I could find. Ticked me off.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.33
Review by Tjj2u

Great! - Have been waiting for an artistic app like this for a long time! Possibilities are endless...

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.33
Review by cynthias art

paid but got nothing - I paid the fee for a year to have all features unlocked, contacted to report a problem, contacted itunes, charged the $20 but nothing was unlocked. the program itself may be very nice, but I’m still fighting to get something for my money! I obviously wanted to use the rest of the filters, as I liked what I was able to use, but unless I get some customer service, I will not be using this.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.33
Review by Zubel

it was great for 1 hour - I downloaded this program, and I liked it very much, still I was in the process to understand controls and what can be refined in Photoshop. Suddenly, I couldn’t see any of the filters when I clicked on Categories. I have no clue what is happening and I tried to get support form Moonlighting website. First of all, there is no Help or Contact link. I sent an e-mail to the only address i found, but I don’t thing the person I contacted ( who hasn’t replied yet) is in to the technical support or Marketing. PS: I’m using Mac desktop app.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people
Version 1.33
Review by foodieman

Very promising and fun, but could use some improvements - I am loving Painnt. I am actually using it to process videos, one frame at a time, so I hope they will release video processing directly within the app soon. I am encountering two bugs: 1) I often get the "Downloading effect resources..." message and it never goes away. I have to force quit the app and restart. 2) Batch processing crashes if I give it more than 300 images at a time. Another suggestion: It would be great if I could save my own settings on a particular filter so I can reapply it later on other images.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.33
Review by artymaz

Amazing! - I love playing around with photos in Paint. My only problem is I am playing instead of doing my work! Too much fun. Incredible how some of the pics turn out.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people