Page Layers

Developer: Ralf Ebert

Current Version: 1.9.8

Last Updated: 30 days ago

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Page Layers is a Mac website screenshot app that converts web pages to Photoshop files featuring separate layers for all page elements.

Page Layers allows you to import existing pages into Photoshop and will save you lots of time when re-designing or improving existing web pages.

Just open any page in the embedded browser and save the page as PSD with layers or plain PNG. Every web page element (every image, link, block, …) will be rendered as separate, named layer. Layer groups will be created according to the site structure.

It is the only OS X website screenshot app you will ever need, unique in its capability to capture web pages with layers.


Release Notes:

- Fixed a bug where in very rare cases text elements would not be captured when elements were styled with CSS transitions.
- Fixed a bug where browser-detecting JavaScript code would detect an old browser version.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.6
Review by tomkruk

Great for web developers / designers - This is an awesome tool for me. I often come across websites that I admire and want to save them for reference / inspiration. I've been taking screenshots for years. It used to be JPG and PNG, but now its a whole new level of fidelity…. Layered PSD!!! The website is deconstructed into Photoshop layers based on the DOM…. Brilliant. Now I can take pieces, such as a background, or a button that I like and 1) learn how its put together and 2) save it for my own project! Really awesome job… I would like it even better if it did the following (although not sure if its possible) 1. Have an option to save it as a website/ with resource (a site scraper) so that I can deconstruct and play in a web browser. 2. Have the ability to record a video of the site. I do this to grab the interactivity of the sites I like as inspiration. 3. Have the text

etc, as editable layers. (not sure if you can do that with the API that creates a PSD but would be so cool). One downside, there is no "trial" and although the app is not "expensive". Its not an impulse purchase. So at this point it is a little bit of a leap of faith. It would need to be $5 to be impulse purchase (which I think is too cheap for this type of an app), so I think some sort of a trial would be great….

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people