Developer: Tomoyuki Okawa

Current Version: 1.1.0

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 3.4 MB - Download


PNG4iDevices is a simple application that will allow software developers to generate various sizes of PNG files for iPhone & iPad applications.  With a single square-ratio PNG/PSD/TIFF image, you can generate different PNG images (29 x 29 px, 50 x 50 px, 57 x 57 px, 114 x 114 px, ..., 512 x 512 px).  If you have a source image each for multiple applications, you can just drag and drop them all onto the listbox, which serves as a drop box, to generate icon images at a time.

Of course, you could just use Preview to convert a source image into one different size after another. Or try PNG4iDevices to save your valuable time.

// Features //
- Choose either device, iPhone or iPad.
- Set your default settings separately for iPhone and iPad applications in Preferences so that you will be ready to export icon images right after importing files.
- import any number of source images.
- Select export sizes (57 x 57 px or 114 x 114 px, 512 x 512 px, 29 x 29 px or 58 x 58 px) for iPhone applications.
- Select export sizes (72 x 72 px or 512 x 512 px, 50 x 50 px, 29 x 29 px, 320 x 320 px or 64 x 64 px) for iPad applications.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 ~ 10.6.8, 10.7.x, 10.8.x


Release Notes:

The user can now export resized pictures by clicking on the export button at the bottom of the window on top of choosing File > Export.
Enable the More checkbox and select a square-ratio size for additional export sizes (64 x 64 or 60 x 60, 48 x 48, 36 x 36, 32 x 32...).
A few other minor changes are made.