PLIST Editor

Developer: Vlad Badea

Current Version: 1.7

Last Updated: 9 days ago

Download Size: 4.6 MB - Download


PLIST Editor is an easy to use, fast editor for property list (.plist) data. In a clean and uncluttered interface, it allows you to quickly create, visualize, modify, and save your .plist documents.

PLIST Editor can be used as a lightweight alternative to Xcode, having more features, using less disk space, less memory and starting up much faster.

Core features of the application:
• Open property list files which are in XML, binary or OpenStep format.
• Save property list files in XML or binary format.
• Edit the elements of a property list.
• Change the type of the elements.
• Cut, copy, paste, duplicate, delete and reorder the elements.
• Multiple selection - works on the sibling elements.
• Full undo and redo.
• Full support to find and replace text in the property list elements.
• Open and edit the files created using NSKeyedArchiver without any loss of information.
• Support for pasting plist data, either from raw XML or from Xcode.
• Copy elements as Swift objects so you can use them in Xcode.
• Copy elements as Objective-C objects, both modern and classic syntax, so you can use them in Xcode.
• Copy elements as JSON data, both indented and compact JSON.
• Embed selected elements in array or dictionary.
• Shift elements to left and right.
• Row height which accommodates multi-line text.
• "Add" and "Remove" buttons on the outline element which is tracked by mouse.
• Option in Preferences to choose the default font, along with the font size.
• Option in Preferences to "Alternate Row Colors" in the outline.
• Ability to increase and decrease font size for better readability, per each document individually.
• Full screen support.
• Versions support.
• Option, in Preferences, to disable the Auto Save (and Versions)..
• Detect when the document is changed by another application. In Preferences you have the ability to customize what to do when this happens: "Keep PLIST Editor's version" or "Ask how to resolve" or "Update to modified version".


Release Notes:

• The shortcut for "Add Row" is now Cmd + Return . This change was done because "Add Row" is probably the most used action in the application. A 2-keys shortcut provides the maximum for simplicity, and productivity as well.
• Preferences (Cmd + ,) now has an option to choose what happens when you press Return in tree editor: either the selected row will start editing or a new row will be created. The latter option is similar to Xcode's .plist editor, so some of you might find it more familiar.
• The entire text is shown upon hovering over "key" or "value" columns. This feature is especially useful for reviewing long texts.
• "Editor -> Expand All Children" has been renamed to "Recursively Expand Items" and "Editor -> Collapse All Children" to "Recursively Collapse Items".
• Adds "Editor -> Expand Items" and "Editor -> Collapse Items".

Bug fixing
• Hitting Tab while in the "value" field will move the cursor to the "key" field of next row.
• Hitting Shift + Tab while in the "key" field will move the cursor to the "value" field of previous row.
• Fixes an issue where the document was wrongly scrolled to the top after performing a reorder in the plist tree.

Introduced in Version 1.6

• Multiple selection is now supported! You can select multiple siblings and perform the common operations on them.
• Added "Embed in Array" and "Embded in Dictionary" options. These allow you to embed the selected items in an array or dictionary.