Developer: Ruben Debeerst

Current Version: 0.8

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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With PDFBookmarks you can easily manage the bookmarks in your PDF-files. PDFBookmarks can automatically generate entries by scanning the text in the PDF-file, but you can also manually edit all existing entries. The bookmarks are stored as meta-data which is natively supported by the PDF standard. The bookmarks you create with PDFBookmarks will therefore work in any ordinary PDF-reader.

● Scan text of PDF to generate bookmark entries for each headline
● modify list of auto-generated toc-entries by specifying a minimal font-size
● change destination of toc entries using drag & drop or by specifying page numbers
● create bookmarks from selected text
● copy+paste text from the PDF
● manually edit toc entries: add, remove, rename, rearrage, etc.
● modify existing toc entries in your PDF

Please beware of the following restrictions:
● The quality of the auto-generated toc-entries depends on the internal structure of the PDF and may vary from file to file.
● PDFBookmarks has no OCR functionality. If your PDF consists of scanned images, PDFBookmarks will not be able to auto-generate toc-entries.
● Reading and saving PDF files is implemented using PDF-routines provided by Mac OS X (as for example in the Preview-App). As Preview doesn't use the latest PDF-standard to save PDFs, the file size of the PDF may increase.

Please contact me if you find bugs or if you have problems using the app! Thank you.


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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 0.8
Review by iam801

PDF page number - Good at what it does but missing what I would think is an obvious capability: page numbers as you scroll thru the document. When editing a table of contents I need to know what page of the PDF I’m looking at.

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Version 0.8
Review by trikayaker

Preview can’t see its bookmarks - Maybe I’m missing something and if I’m wrong I’ll change my review, but apparently Preview doesn’t recognize the bookmarks placed by PDFBookmarks. If I can’t see the bookmarks in my main PDF reader on my Mac, this makes the app useless to me.

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Version 0.8
Review by beinsafe

doesn't work - opening a pdf crashes the application

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Version 0.8
Review by beinsafe

it works - yay

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