Developer: Jiulong Zhao

Current Version: v3.30

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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--- latest v3.30 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here! ---

A frame that allows you to have an image or even PDF displayed semi-transparently in front of everything. It enables you to copy, trace, or compare designs, images, and documents with ease, since you can lock the frame and make it undisturbed by mouse gestures.

It’s a transparent overlay of an image or document on your screen that you can click through - like a transparent sticker on your screen.

Overlay is especially useful for artists, designers and students as it allows you to make your art or design from or reference photos and screenshots.

features v2.00
- transparent overlay window is fully drag moveable and resizable
- simply drag & drop to change your overlay photo / PDF document
- transparency can be set anywhere from 0% - 100%
- easy lock / unlock control from both the interface and menus.

v2.00 -> v2.30
options added according to user's feature request
- auto save size, position and picture fitting of the overlay window for easy resuming last work

v2.30 -> v3.25
- fully re-coded Sandbox ARC version for macOS Sierra 10.12
- updated to macOS Sierra 10.12 and still compatible to OS10.8 and above
- option added, besides of fix size and stretch display, overlay picture can be easily rotated and resized
- new picture scaling added: Fit Overlay and Zoom to actual picture size (100% pixel to pixel displaying)
- picture scaling with touch pad gesture and mouse wheel
- two modes of picture adjustment added: freely hand move and customized center rotation
- overlay picture's color and effects can be edited by image editor which can be simply reached by double clicking
- top most displaying while overlay is in lock mode
- under full screen mode alert added
- app quitting confirmation added in case of accidental exit
- main interface adjusted
- main, dock menu changed
- menu item added "Reset All Alert and Tip"
- color of icon changed
- change color of all popup alerts into white
- startup tip updated
- more by dragonBTV updated


Release Notes:

v3.25 -> v3.30
- button size and style modified
- "see through" function added according to user's feature request
- fix version displaying bug on support email subject
- tip window and tip contents modified
- icon color changed


More Reviews for Current Version

Version v3.30
Review by Gas Creature

A super app at a super price - This programmer really knows his/her chops. The program has ALL the features that you need from an image overlay tool. To the reviewer who labeled this a "Mostly pointless app", all I can say is, I'm sorry you misunderstood what you were buying; no, this is not a drawing nor annotating program. To help out other shoppers, let me explain how you use this program. Let's say you want to sketch your dog in a sketching program. You use your smartphone to take a picture of your dog and transfer the image file to your computer. Then your run this program. It has an empty window. From your file mananger (Finder), drag the picture file into the empty window using the mouse. Now, the dog is displayed. You then rotate and resize the image to your need to match the drawing tool (another program) that you're using. Then you move this picture program window over the drawing tool window, and click the "Lock Overlay" button. Finally, you start drawing your dog in your drawing program. Your picture floats ABOVE your drawing in a semi-transparent way. When you draw, you now have a way to make sure the drawing matches the photo. YAY! I do have two wishes: (1) It would be super-duper if you can run multiple instances of this program. In other words, several windows with several overlay images at the same time. For what I do, CAD, I actually need this feature. (2) It would be extremely helpful to be able to save the settings for a particular image. At the very least, if I can save the zoom and rotation so that when that particular image is loaded again, it looks like before, that would save a lot of time. Also, the Jiulong Zhao Web Site and Overlay Support are blocked in my browser because these try to compose an email when loaded. That is a security risk. The web pages there need to be changed: don't try to compose an email in html/javascript.

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Version v3.30
Review by Quincy.cs

Thank you! - Worth my purchase. Please add "Paste" as another functionality of opening an image. I frequently have an image in my clipboard that I'd like to open in this app.

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