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Developer: Atom Systems Incorporated, SL

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Welcome to OurWeather

Do you want to know the weather forecast without having to look out the window? Do you want to have the most accurate and complete weather on the palm of your hand?

With OurWeather now is possible!

We have done for you what is probably the most beautiful weather app, and what is best, this is perhaps the most accurate of all existing ones. Other apps are focused on having lots of functions and settings. We thought it will be better to have an app that gives you everything with a single screen tap. Forget about configuring a lot of settings. With OurWeather you will have everything you need in a simple and natural fashion.


- Super accurate weather forecast
- High quality graphics
- High quality animated backgrounds (over 40) to give you an accurate and dynamic weather forecast visual feedback
- Nothing to configure. Just enter your city and you are ready to start


- Current Date
- Temperature (ºC or ºF)
- Relative Humidity
- Weather Forecast for Today
- Rainfall in mm
- Wind Speed
- Percentage of Cloud Cover
- Pressure in mbar
- Visibility (kilometers or miles)
- Forecast for the next 5 days with maximum and minimum temperatures
- City Name


Do you have some trouble? Do you need help? Do you have a awesome idea for this app? Please contact us. We are here to help!

[email protected]


Release Notes:

*** User request feature: New weather icons on status bar


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4
Review by Howie Isaacks

High CPU usage - I was running this app onto a MacBook Pro late 2011, OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with 8GB of RAM installed. The app was easy to setup, and it's very beautiful. It appears to be accurate as well. My problem with this app is that it uses a lot of CPU. Activity monitor shows that this app is running at 83% as I type this, and I can tell that the operating temperature has increased. I wanted something that would show the current temperature in my dock, but I can't run this app all the time if it's going to consume so much CPU. I emailed the developer about this, and they wrote back saying that it was a bug that happens only on my Mac. That's not true. It also happens on my 2011 Mac mini. This app is basically worthless if it's going to consume so much CPU while running. WARNING! DON'T BUY THIS APP UNTIL THE DEVELOPER FIXES THIS PROBLEM!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0
Review by NewsView

OurWeather 2.0 is Beautiful but in Serious need of Repair - I purchased this app because the graphical representations are laid out nicely and are more attractive than average. Unfortunately version 2.0 has a serious flaw. While the desktop weather information was initially correct following input of my location, a relaunch of the app brought up the wrong conditions even though it continued to "name" the correct city, as entered previously. The conditions were over 30 degrees different upon relaunch, so the error was self-apparent. Without accurate data, this app is essentially unusable. My concern is that by the time the developers fix this, it won't work with Snow Leopard (and that's also a reason I downloaded it; the current version is compatible with my system.) There are some design issues that need correction, which I hope will get some attention from the develoopers, too. The jumbo desktop widget, while arguably among the more attractive of the available weather widgets in the Mac Store, is too big even on a 27" iMac. There is no widget resize option that I can find in v. 2.0. If I close the desktop widget, the entire app closes and I also lose the task bar weather status. It would be more intuitive if the task bar weather data loaded first, and the desktop widget loaded "on demand" in clicking the task bar or using a keyboard shortcut. There should be user-selectable options here, one for those who want the desktop weather widget to appear only when queried and one that allows the desktop widget to sit on the desktop indefinitely, while running, as it currently does. At this time, however, there is only a "hide" vs. "show" option for the desktop widget. (It is unclear if it is still consuming the same resources when "minimized".) Were the app designed to default to the task bar a drop-down or pop-up of the full size desktop display upon mouseover would be that much more intuitive, IMHO. Similarly, there needs to be a preference option for the size of the desktop widget. A scale/resize option would make this easier to leave out on the desktop without it taking up a huge amount of space. I like the large, easy-to-read design of the current desktop widget, and I don't want that option to go away, but there needs to be a "shrink" option. Again, this could be resolved with a mouseover type animation in which a smaller one sits on the desktop and the full-size one expands with a mouseover, keyboard shortcut or mouse click. Again, however, even having the desktop widget load at launch should be a user-selectable preference (e.g. view app in task bar vs. desktop "always on"). Ultimately, I'm wondering how to get my money back for this beautiful app not because of the non-intuitiveness of some of the design functions but because the data it pulled upon being shut down and relaunched came from parts unknown, and that makes it unusable. As someone new to the Mac Store, I just don't see how to get a refund, and I've had this app on my system less than an hour. Apple ought to take their Mac Store cue from the Google Play store with a "refund and uninstall" option available for the first 30 minutes or so post download!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people