Opus One

Developer: Piso13

Current Version: 1.5.2

Last Updated: 8 hours ago

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An effective to do manager. Use our Master Task to get everything off your mind, easily glance at your day or week on the Planner, move from the list to the schedule. Finally drag and drop to reorder, prioritize or reschedule tasks & events.

Our powerful tools include:

1. Daily Task lists with status, priority and notes.

2. Daily Schedule and Event integration with Calendar.

3. Daily Notes with Motivational Quotes and the ability to include text and maps.

4. Master Task list with side Planner Views.

5. Ability to share your notes by email, send them in a message or post them to Facebook and Twitter

The Universal Subscription includes:

1. Power sync with other Macs and with Opus One Mobile. All in one place and on every device!

2. 10 day weather forecast.

And power features such as:

3. Daily Task lists with:
- Alerts
- Due Dates
- Status
- Priorities
- Color Coded Categories linked to specifc Calendars* (to create Events from Tasks)
- Repeating Rules
- Task Notes

4. Eisenhower Matrix View to easily prioritize Daily Tasks

5. Weekly Planner section with graphic representations of completed and uncompleted tasks by: Category, Compass Role, Value or Weekday. Ever wondered where is your time going? Opus One is here to help you find out and stay on the right track

6. Meeting Planner for Events with the ability to creat Meeting Minutes and send them by mail with just a few clicks!

7. Ability to add Images, Drawings, PDFs and Audio in Notes
* Notes can also be shared via Email, iMessage, Posted to Facebook or Twitter

8. Master Task list (for tasks without due dates) with side Planner Views, to easily schedule them later.

9. Compass Section that includes a wizard for new users, custom Roles linked to Values, compass tasks with counter and notes

10. Goals with:
- SMART description
- Categories
- Tasks
- Custom images
- And a log to keep track of your journey.

11. Personal Growth sections featuring a Mission Builder for those who need a little help building their personal mission statement and values.

12. Tags and advanced search tools so you can find the information you're looking for with ease.

13. The ability to add tasks from your iPad or iPhone to Opus One for Mac using Siri & Reminders ... and more!

Our Universal Subscription is available on a yearly or monthly basis.
The subscription is auto renewable.
One subscription will give you access to Opus One for MacOS and iOS platforms.

Privacy Policy:

Learn more about Opus One at www.piso13.com


Release Notes:

√ Fixed Error in Cloud Synchronization
√ Fixed Error in Weekly Review.
√ Fixed Crash when adding a task in Eisenhowermatrix.
√ Added protection for Daily Note sync clashes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.8
Review by Mandy Bee

Great planner - I love this app and use it almost every single day. When you first start it, they walk you through writing up your mission and compasses (things you live for) so that your task lists align with the things that actually matter to you. It’s full of different ways to organize your tasks - Daily, full list of tasks that need to be scheduled, Compass items with tasks attached, Goals with tasks attached… I find it very helpful to make sure I’m not doing things during the day that just don’t matter to me. The app itself is designed a little too cutesy for my liking - I wish it didn’t look like a leatherbound binder. The space of the app could be used more effectively without these design choices. I would also love to be able to open each tab as a new window, but that’s personal preference. The sync feature works well between my two computers. I can’t wait for the iPhone app!

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.4.0
Review by Needle Doctor

Good attempt but falls short - I have used Opus Domini for quite a while. It was the predecessor to this app. It appears the developers stopped supporting it a while ago. I had been quite happy with Opus Domini and had it across multiple devices. Opus Domini made by the same developers as this app (Piso13) apparently stopped supporting the app because it works very poorly as operating systems have been updated. In my frustration with the Opus Domini app, I tried to find suppport from the developer or community and there was none. At that point I realized that the developer (Piso13) made a new app, Opus One, the one I am reviewing now. What’s new with this app, not much, except now they charge a subscription. I was not happy about this but decided to look into it because I liked the FranklinCovey style planning system. I downloaded Opus One and it looks and feels similar to their original software. Because of my past support issues with Opus Domini, I decided to check the support before upgrading to the subscription. Surprise, surprise, there is no support. Their website is full of people open support tickets with no response from the developer. Don’t waste your time or money on this app. I would have been very disappointed if I paid for this app. Looke elsewhere.

Found helpful by 8 out of 9 people