Developer: Escribano

Current Version: 8.2

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Onlytasks is a super simple tasks manager that you can also associate with an Evernote account, from where Onlytasks will sync between your different devices.
With Onlytasks you can relax and know that you will be promptly informed of your pending tasks, since you can assign alarms to alert you.
Onlytasks tries to be as easy and intuitive as possible, while maintaining compatibility with Evernote notes, allows you to organize your tasks in notebooks and assign labels to give more options for organization.
Quite simply you can assign to your tasks a due date, a date and time if you want the system to alert you with an alarm, incorporate notes and also create recurring tasks.
If you see your tasks from Evernote, you will see a nice box with the data associated with that task, you can edit directly in Evernote, and all changes will go to Onlytasks in next synchronization.
Do not limit yourself to any specific task management system, with Onlytasks you can create your own notebooks structure to manage them or, if you prefer, you can create a structure of notebooks that allows you to follow your preferred management system, like GTD or others.

Onlytasks allows you view your tasks from two points of view: in the Classic view you will have a side panel with your notebooks, your tags and status lists, plus, you have the Status view from where you can view and organize all your tasks a flexible and easy way.
The Status lists contain a number of options for viewing your tasks by priority, by due date (Today, Tomorrow, ...) and if you choose to see it in extended mode (selectable from Preferences) with a click you can see all that is completed , all that is pending or everything all at once.

Onlytasks has easy integration with your OS X system, you can send your tasks to iCal or Reminders, and also allows you, directly from the program, to open your tasks in Evernote either in the desktop application, either on the Evernote website, what you have chosen in the program Preferences.
Link a folder of the Finder with your task, through Linked Folders you can open from Onlytasks a folder of the Finder where you can have stored any kind of file related to the linked task.

Double click on a task to edit all its data, or edit most of them directly in the task list in the Classic view: select a task and edit its notes in the right/down pane (depending on you have placed it), complete the task by pressing the appropriate button, or edit your due date, notebook or alarm from the right buttons that appear when you hover over the task.
Do not forget that you can also quickly change the notebook, add tags or change the due date, dragging task(s) to the left panel.

Choose your favorite fonts for the list, and your preferred size of icons for the left panel, place the notes and calendar panel at the right or at the bottom or even you can hide it if you prefer, Onlytasks provides these and other visual configuration alternatives for you to be as comfortable as possible and let you manage your tasks in a easy and fun way.

For Chinese users: Currently Onlytasks does not support Evernote China and may only be used in Evernote International.


Release Notes:

- Bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.4
Review by KonaHIMike

Works well and is there when I need it…. - I have had the opportunity to use this application now for several months. I happen to have several task or to-do applications, some do more, some do much less -- but I like the way this one works and I have actually become drawn back to it over and over. It seems to actually assist me in keep track of my day to day and weekly things I need to do -- and that's the whole point -- that you like the applicaiton to actually put it to use over the long term. It is not one of those "do it all" sort -- it won't hold all your photos or take 20 pages of notes nor will it act like a diary, but for keeping on track with things you need to remember to do it is really well thought out and is simply "there when you need it". I may get off track, but when I'm ready to get back it has all my tasks ready -- I can spend a few moments getting my bearings with the help of this software, and get right back on track! There were a few hiccups when I first was using it -- but I always had quick and friendly responses from the developer and then updates would come forward to quash any problems uncovered. They also seem sincerely interested in what you have to say and then have the unusual habit of implementing your suggestions when they can. I don't happen to use Evernote, but it is not necessary to have it to run this program -- Onlytasks stands on its own as a fine task tracker. I would suppose if you were a fan of Evernote that would just be icing on the cake, or if you were looking for a note keeping application and did not yet have a favorite this might be the time to check out that at the same time as taking this for a spin.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 5.3
Review by _p_g_f_

Yikes!!! - Man, gotta fix this app, it freezes on startup 9 out of 10 times! Please do some more testing before making such unstable code available on the App store.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people