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There are lots of ways to get things done. With OneThingToday you simply assign a single task or project to each day. This helps you focus on one major goal each day, avoiding the distraction of other pending tasks or ongoing projects. Plan your time in Calendar mode, which gives you an overiew of one or several weeks. Once you have your time mapped out, switch to Sticky mode which displays only the task you have assigned for the current day.


Release Notes:

Added the option to have the Sticky window always float on top of all windows.


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Version v1.0.9
Review by Feliqua

I love Love LOVE this simple little cal! - I love, Love, LOVE this simple little cal. It is so easy to use. As a GTD fan I use this as my "mindsweep" calendar. I leave it open in it's own window all day long. During the day, when a thought/idea/todo comes to me, I walk by the computer and hen-peck (usually with one hand) it down real quick on the day it needs done. Although I do cheat, and use this application for more than just one thing a day (it will let you do that) It has helped my productivity efforts more than any other app that I have tried (and I have tried a ton!) The reason is this. There is no learning curve, no systems, commands or processes to learn and as long as you get one thing done, there is no guilt. It is just plain faster (for me) to walk by the comuter, type in a couple words and then move along, back to what I was doing. Then when it's computer time, i just sit down and all my ideas and thought are right there. I put an X in front of all the items that I have compleated for the day, as long as there is at least one X on each day, i am happy, i kept my goal (OneThingToday) and there is no guilt for not doing all 50 things on your todo list. Thank you Line Thirteen, this is just the app i was looking for!!

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Version v1.0.9
Review by Zonies

WOW, Cool. Simple and Easy. I feel a release of anxiety already. - I'm coming into the most stressfull event of my life - my PhD. Comprehensive Exam. I ned to focus, focus, focus and this app has allowed me to lay out my plan without the distractions of ANYTHING except what I have to do today. One-Day-At-A-Time. Makes a busy future look very attainable. I love the week planning view and then the single item day view.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people