Apps Similar to Octagon - A Minimal Game with Maximum Challenge

Metacritic's score 84 and 10 best iPhone Games for August 2012! TouchArcade's Best iOS Games of August 2012! Finally, this award-winning game is released in Mac App Store, from the creator of iOS hit Finger Balance and iDragPaper. Launch price for

Dot Pop is a shiny new match 3 puzzler that will have you addicted in no time! Find any 3 connected dots of the same color and give them a click to burst them into confetti. With two tasty game modes you can put your motor skills to the test in your

Metacritic's score 84 and 10 best iPhone Games for August 2012! TouchArcade's Best iOS Games of August 2012! Finally, this award-winning game arrives on Android. From the creator of the iOS hits Finger Balance and iDragPaper. iOS Version Review: "T

Circuit Racer is a fun 3D simulation buggy car racing game that puts you in the driver's seat to learn how to drive and race in drizzling rain or shine! *** High voltage adrenaline rush with countdown mode *** Timer mode to practice & improve rac

iSnake combines beautiful graphics, simple gameplay, and exciting audio to bring you an incredible gaming experience. Currently, iSnake delivers two exciting game modes, Extreme and Classic. In Extreme mode, the graphics have been upgraded and the

Splat!! is truly an addictive addition to your Game Collection. This game is truly a test of your reflexes as you prevent hordes of insects from eating your delicious pizza pie! Just when you thought you were safe at your picnic from bugs and insect

Loops is an addictive puzzle game that will instantly get you hooked with unique gameplay. "Much attention was paid to the design and that's why it also looks very appealing. If you are in the game, it's hard to stop playing." "Gorgeous UI. Excelle

The landmark hit “Spy vs Spy”--a #1 hit on the iOS App Store--is now available for OSX. SPY vs SPY is based on the original, multi-million unit selling, break out hit on the Commodore 64; Apple // series; and Atari 400/800 computers by F

Join the numbers & get to the 2048 tile. Enjoy this classic version of 2048 for OSX®. 2048 as you know & love from the internet & iOS app store. PLEASE NOTE: The first 200 game plays are free. After that you need to upgrade to the full version.

One hero. Tons of monsters. And weapons. A LOT OF WEAPONS. Are you ready for pure, non-stop action without any other stupid stuff? This is CRIMSONWORLD. Doom-style bloody mess, with a top-down view. ✭ FEATURES ✭ ✔ Perks sy

Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 is highly addictive tile-matching game. It takes tile-matching games in an exciting new direction! Pair up tiles to dismantle hundreds of layouts. Gather pearls for purchasing special powers, utilize a selection of groun

Guide Flip, The Last Rocket, through 64 rooms of spikes, fans, mines, flamejets and more. Collect all the scattered Memory Gears to help AMI, the onboard Autonomous Mechanical Intelligence, escape before the ship falls into a star! Featuring 8-bit gr

Get Your Brain in Shape with Brain Trainer! Train Your Brain and increase your coordination abilities with EIGHT different exercises in one app! Features: -8 Games in 1 -Overall Brain Score Quit playing mindless computer games! Download Brai

Now your dream about safari adventure is closer than ever! To feel the mysterious but dangerous atmosphere of safari racing you just need to download and play “Monster Track Safari Pro”! Take part in exciting race competition and enjoy

Jump, Slash and rescue your Nakama (friends). A retro beat'em up with an interesting visual style and crazy fast action. Video: Highlights: - Spot on platforming controlls - Extremely fast skill based combat - Story mode

A love story on four wheels! Spring is here and a couple in their autumn years have decided to go for a ride in their car just like in the old days. Bump the road with a simple touch to safely guide them on their trip and help them collect the memo

Looking for a casual game? Here you go! The most easy and enjoyable -- yet challenging -- pinball game for you. You can enjoy the game right away. Just press the big start button. This game will bring you hours of joy – or just a few minutes of

Zombies have come back from the grave and are out to get you! Use your mouse to fight them off and return them to the afterlife! Play the classic arcade mode and see how long you can last with zombies coming faster and faster with each wave! Try ou

=== 8-BIT Classic == -= RETRO GAMES =- For limited time 80% OFF!!! "To remember old days with today technology" The donkey from "DONKEY.BAS PC game" and their new friends: Cow, Pig, Alien, Soldier and Zombie! They are here to stop your pleasant jo

CoreBreach is THE brand-new futuristic "anti-gravity" racing game for Mac OS X. ** PLEASE CHECK THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO PURCHASE ** 6 EXCITING ANTI-GRAVITY SHIPS CoreBreach offers 6 great ships from easy maneuverable to rigid but ultra f