Developer: tigerbears, LLC

Current Version: 1.2.4

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Objectify is a Mac® application for Objective-C developers that creates Cocoa class implementations from JSON. Whether you're working with web services or building everyday classes, Objectify's here to save you time.

JSON is rapidly becoming the de facto standard data serialization format for web APIs, used in thousands of applications. Creating model classes based on this content has been a tedious chore that invites bugs and heartache.

Until now.

Objectify saves you time and effort by spinning through any JSON content you give it, building customizable models that can be exported as Objective-C header and implementation files.

Though Objectify is a complete standalone app, if you're a user of the mighty Accessorizer, Objectify can use it for code generation so all your code style preferences are already taken care of!

Clever developers have noticed that this also makes Objectify a great prototyping and scaffolding tool. It only takes a few seconds to go from an idea for a class to having working code based on your favorite templates.

Key Features:

* ARC- and LLVM 4-ready!

Tired of ivars in headers, autorelease and @synthesize? Objectify can now generate ARC-compliant code. You can also take advantage of some of LLVM 4's features to reduce code.

* Model Merge

Objectify has always been able to merge members of an array into one simple "super" model. Now you can merge any models in your schema you'd like to combine!

* Instant Instances

Class implementations can be generated with methods that will create a new instance of that class populated with data from an NSDictionary. Or go the other way by creating an NSDictionary representation of that instance.

* Your Code, Your Style

Objectify can apply prefixes to class names, prefixes and suffixes to ivars, or add NSCoding compliance. If you have Accessorizer 2.9.3 or later, Objectify can "hand off" code generation to it so your code stays consistent.

* Our Templates or Yours?

While Objectify has its own simple templates for header and implementation files, it can also use your favorite Xcode®-compatible file templates — whether stock or with your own secret sauce.

* Plays Well With Others

Objectify is Services-aware. You can use a context menu or key combo to easily send JSON text or URLs to it from any application. Try dragging your classes directly to Xcode!

* Flexible Input

There are plenty of ways to get your JSON into Objectify. It can fetch content from URLs, other applications, local .json files, or you can type your content in manually.

* Fits in Your Workflow

Accessorizer is a key part of many top developers' workflows. Objectify was designed from day one to optionally send class ivar declarations to it, so you don't have to change your workflow if you don't want to.

* Plays Well With Others

Objectify is Services-aware. You can use a context menu or key combo to easily send JSON text or URLs to it from any application. Try dragging your classes directly to your favorite text editor!

* Save Your Work

If you need step away while customizing your new models, or want to commit a snapshot to your SCM of choice, you can save your work into an .objson file to pick up where you left off later.


Release Notes:

* Support for the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display!
* Added a new, one-time "Getting Started" screen to set some important new preferences.
* Compatibility improvements with future software releases.
* Bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by nivenh

meh. *UPDATED* - Tried to test it by giving it a blob of moderately complex JSON.. stuff that TouchJSON, JSONKit, etc. can parse just fine and it can't seem to handle it without an extremely opaque error like "Could not scan dictionary". Update: i was logging the json after it had been converted to a dictionary and then pasting it in. my sincerest apologies to the developer.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.2.4
Review by Skuperuser

Crash on cyclical structure? - App beach balled and then crashed when I tried to merge a cyclical data structure. When I reopened the app my work was lost. When json is invalid, the messages to identify the error are only somewhat helpful. Highlighting the position and character where the error occurred occurs sporadically, but when it does it works well.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.2.4
Review by VeryVito

Don't attempt JSON without it - I thought handling JSON couldn't get any simpler, until I downloaded this app on a whim. It quickly made its way into my "Must have apps" list, and is an amazing timesaver for any developers who finds themselves working with JSON in any situation.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.2.4
Review by AsH_x_AsH

Great Tool but it has limitation - Great Tool but it has a major limitation. if your model has array of other objects, getting objective C from JSON works like a charm, but trying to get dictionary from object will not work and will not get the correct JSON of the array of custom objects. The fix is easy and you can change the class manually to fix this, I contacted the author 7 months ago and proposed couple of soulution that will work but so far no update..

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.2.4
Review by sirgent

Great app! - If you work with alot of JSON or webservices , get this app. It simplifies and automates alot of the manual code you will be writing. It also integrates with Accessorizer, so you can heavily customize the output Cocoa classes this app produces. Some great customizable prefrences as well: ARC code, how you would like your init method named and default class prefix. You can also rename Classes on the fly, and split or merge models together. I think a huge thing that is missing though is the ability to serialize a class back into the original JSON from the server. Add that and it would Uber.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.2.4
Review by Symphoniq

🙌 Featureful & Polished - Objectify is a fantastic tool that delivers the features with a very pleasing UI. When I need to get some code done, I often don't care about the interface unless it gets in the way (then I hate it). I saw a mention about generating .xcdatamodel files. This would be great! Keep up the good work, tigerbears!

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