OLM File Converter

Developer: Kavita Rani Mohanta

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 5 days ago

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The OLM File Converter has the ability to quickly and accurately convert your Outlook:mac data file (.olm) contents to Apple Mail, Address Book and Calendar formats. This app will easily do its job not just flawless, but within minutes, taking care of your items during the conversion, making sure that NOTHING is lost, modified or corrupted in any way!

Fast and efficient OLM File Converter:

* Convert / Export your Mails from OLM files to standard .mbox file format. You can import these mbox files into Apple Mail, Thunderbird and other mbox compatible email client applications.

* Convert / Export your Contacts from OLM files to .vcf file format. You can easily import this vcf file into Apple Address Book, Thunderbird/Postbox or other applications.

* Convert / Export your Calendar events from OLM files to standard .ics file format. You can easily import this ics file into iCal or other applications.

Some salient feautres:
* Easy to use
* Batch add multiple OLM files and convert/export all emails/contacts/calendar in one click.
* Supports converting BIG (any file size) OLM files.
* Supports all languages used world-wide.
* Reliable and Fast


Release Notes:

1) Performance Improvement.
2) Improved MIME generation.
3) El Captain Compatibility Update.
4) Minor bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by John1:17

This is worth every nickel you pay for it! - The short review: If you have to convert OLM files, I highly recommend this application. Buy it!! The long story if you are interested: iOS8 with SWYPE Keyboards, Fingerprint ID, Apple Pay & iCloud Sync is simply irresistible. To simplify and sync my world I decided to go back to the 20th century, dump Microsoft Outlook off my Macs, toss my Andriod phone and go back to the pitiful (desperately in need of a do over) Apple MAIL, iCAL and CONTACTS apps that sent me to Microsoft Outlook in the first place. I had 4 POP email accounts from different domains and an exchange account for work running in my Outlook. Once I decided to switch I spent a a considerable amount of time reacquainting myself with Apple’s apps and most of the time went to researching how to transfer the files over. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. I found out since I was now using Mavericks I could no longer sync my contacts to “Contacts” AND of course Outlook’s export of .OLM files can not be imported into the Apple apps. All I could do was export the OLM file from Outlook with 5248 contacts, all the mailboxes, which after purging the garbage had about 78,000 items in them and my mission critical calendar. Then I sat there scratching my head wondering what file format Apple’s apps would import and how to convert to those file types. I even typed “import”, or “supported file types” or “file location” right into the Apple application’s help and then watched the rainbow wheel spin forever without an answer. (Remember the old days when Help opened an actual owner’s manual) So how to get my data into the MAIL, iCAL and CONTACTS apps? Naturally I turned to the App Store and somehow found this amazing gem of a product. BTW right at the top of this app description are the file types you need to do this import. I was hesitant to buy it because it had only one review and the developer has no website that I could find which I thought was required for the app store?. But it was on sale and I was desperate. Folks, I feel like I won the lottery. This app is a fantastic find. It does not need instructions because it is so intuitive. It is reasonably fast, has good reporting and as far as I can tell it worked flawlessly. I monitored the memory usage because sometimes inexpensive apps that do things like this have memory leaks which cause issues, hang ups & crashes. This app ran clean, fast and never grabbed more than an extra 20-25 Mb of memory over it’s initial load. If you start another app or some other process while its running this app seems to stop for a bit but have faith it starts rolling again fairly quickly. Kudos’ to Kavita Rani Mohanta for an excellent app that solves a real problem and saves an enormous amount of time. I wish you had a website I’d like you to build some apps for me :-)

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.0
Review by Pop MacLure

OLM File Converter - This application was useless. I followed the instructions carefully a couple of times but could never get the conversion to complete. I emailed the support listed, but several days later still have had no reply. Don’t use this. There must be apps that actually work. A waste of time and money.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1
Review by jules catbird

Totally messed up my outlook 2011 - Hi, this software does do what it says it does. BUT, if you run it on outlook it will ruin your ability to categorize items easily. I contacted the developer and they tried to help, but it was still messed up. This is what happened to me at least: I ran it, it worked, it also created an outlook file which I was not sure of, so I cliked on it (opened it) and it opened in Outlook and set up a new primary email account. I was not able to delete this one, even tho’ I had imported or had access to my previous account/identity. I tried a bunch of stuff, to no avail. I now have to enter categories by hand, and they dont transfer from emails to calendar items. There were a few other things that were problematic for me and I have to enter them by hand now as well. It does do what it says, but just dont click on the outlook file it creates. I know that there are not many programs that do this at this price.

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