Developer: Alexey Manannikov

Current Version: 3.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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This is a software "numerating machine" - prints auto-incremented numbers on tickets, names on business cards, etc. with any font, size, color, position, angle, leading zeros ...

It can do more - print texts from database (each record on each page or how you wish), pictures as portion of design, decimal or hexadecimal numbers...

With positioning of objects closely point-to-point as in popular applications, there is no need to move-it-and-print-again.

Simple steps to print one number per page with auto-increment:
1. Launch Numerator.
2. Select appropriate printer and page size from Page Setup (File menu).
3. Select mode 2 - menu Tools or icon N from toolbar
(insert number object).
4. Click on the page - object "number" will be placed where you clicked.
5. Select mode 1 - menu Tools or icon arrow from toolbar
(main mode).
6. Select placed object by clicking on it.
7. Set properties of selected object in Object Properties floating window
7.1. Startup number and increment (default 1)
7.2. Font (default - system screen font)
7.3. All other settings if you want
8. Type number of pages to print in Pages edit box in toolbar.
9. Now select Print from File menu and enjoy!
Remember that you can print any count of numbers on one page with any settings.
If you need numbers with auto-increment within one page, use Link mode.

Look for full documentation here:


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