Developer: Octopi Software Development LLC

Current Version: 1.01

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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NumbNotes is a simple way to work out any problem or project that requires a calculator and a sheet of paper. It is easier to use than a traditional spreadsheet and it is more functional than a standard calculator. For example, use NumbNotes to quickly plan and track your travel budget, work or home expenses, diet, construction project, or to simply work out a math problem. Share your calculations, projections, or ideas efficiently with others via email or PDF. NumbNotes is intuitive and easy to use and makes your life more efficient and productive.

NumbNotes allows you to create and name your specific projects on the fly and to easily identify and label them accordingly. Keep your calculations in clearly marked lists for fast and simple retrieval whenever you need them. And, with a quick double-click you can easily add a title to any calculation. It’s that easy!

NumbNotes automatically stores all of your calculations so you can quickly and easily see what you’ve done and how you arrived at your projections or your answer. It’s that simple!

NumbNotes lets you easily copy/paste individual entries and save whole lists as PDFs for easy emailing and sharing your numbers and projects! It’s that efficient!

NumbNotes is a powerful and structured productivity app that allows you to make multiple calculations, and create and share important projections and summaries with others. Try it today and see for yourself!


Release Notes:

- New in 1.01:
- Minor bug fixes
- Full support for decimal commas
- Now supports copying answers only
- Fixed issue with currency mode not correctly displaying answers
- Removed percentage mode (we will re-introduce this in a much more useful way in a future update)
- Calculation engine tweaks for higher precision output
- Support for '% of' language (i.e. "30% of 200" is now valid)
- Parsing engine tweaks for more relaxed input of the user's thousands separators and local currency symbol (i.e. "$45 + $1,000.32" is now correctly parsed in USA, "8.303.765.625 € * 6,77" is correctly parsed in Belgium, etc.)
- Fixed minor typographical errors in cheat sheet
- Fixed error some users experienced that would not allow them to print or save PDF files


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by SweetLady86

Just what I needed!! - A girlfriend of mine told me about this app and told me to get it. I do a lot of budgeting and planning and it's always a pain to keep everything organized. Numbnotes makes it easy. Just start a new list! Also, I love the fact that it lets you align the decimals (finally someone gets it!). I have been using it for budgeting my house (a full-time job on its own!) and a few projects at work and I figured out that I can go into the preference menu and set it to round to two decimal places. It keeps all of the answers lined up perfectly along the right side which makes it much easier to keep everything clean and my answers easy to read. This is a very slick little app and I love it! I even told a bunch of my friends about it. If you like (or need) to keep things organized you will love this app. I do!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 0
Review by rhinegold

How useless is useless - There is not resident genie to tell you how to use this. It appears to be utterly useless. I regret buying it. Why some rudimentary instructions cant be included is beyond me.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people