NovaMind 5 Free Edition

Developer: NovaMind Software

Current Version: 5.5.8

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Brainstorm and organize ideas; solve problems; get things done better and with less hassle.

NovaMind 5 Free Edition is a powerful Mind Mapping tool with all the basic capabilities of NovaMind Express, Pro, and Platinum.

It allows you to create Mind Maps using the automatic layout engine, move topics to where you want them, and use a range of design styles and features to make great looking Mind Maps.

Using NovaMind is easy because it has familiar toolbars and inspectors, customizable window layout, single keystroke insertion of topics, hotkeys for all common operations, layout assistance to keep your Mind Maps looking great automatically, automatic coloring and topic shapes to make your Mind Maps visually appealing without all the work. Printing assistance shows you exactly how your Mind Map will appear when printed, including how big your text will be when printed. Automatic text coloring makes your text white when on a dark background and black when on a light background - no need to worry about legibility.

Callouts (like speech bubbles) add extra information. Floating topics allow you to create separate mini-Mind Maps on the same canvas. Group topics visually using boundaries. Attach free floating shapes, images and text to topics. They can either push other topics out of the way or float behind or in front of the other topics. Shapes can have text and images on them, allowing you infinite flexibility to enhance your topics.

Add topic notes to record extra information. Hyperlink to as many web sites as you like on a single topic. Drag and drop emails from Mail to hyperlink to emails.

The layout system keeps the Mind Map in the most compact format possible while allowing you the freedom to lay out subtopics at any angle from their parent, either linearly or radially. You can move any topic to wherever you want it, and NovaMind will ensure that your topics don't overlap. No other Mind Mapping program even comes close to this.

600 of the images from the image library are available in the media browser, which also makes available your iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom libraries. You can add your own folders of pictures for easy access, and do Flickr searches directly from within the media browser, and drag and drop images directly into your NovaMind Mind Maps. You can have up to 5 images directly on each topic - 4 topic images, and a background texture.

Themes, color sets, font sets, rainbow coloring, and inherited styles allow for easy formatting of topics without having to set explicit settings on every topic, and to easily try out different color schemes. Individual topic settings can override the automatic coloring for visual interest.

NovaMind 5 fully supports Lion with full screen mode, resume, autosave, save in place, and versions.

Imports and exports include iMindMap, XMind, FreeMind, MindNode, SimpleMind, OmniOutliner, OPML, text, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.


Release Notes:

Several minor bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.3.2
Review by webtouchsales

Crushes the competition - I have been mapping for 30 years…obviously the first 20 were without the aid of software. I have been a loyal MindJet user since version 3. Unfortunately, for MindJet, that is about to change. I needed a simpler, cheaper alternative for both myself and my staff at a new company I joined recently. I experimented with other free apps and even purchased MindNode Pro for $9.99. NovaMind is in a completely different class. Even the free version has more capabilities than MindNode Pro. I will likely upgrade to one of the paid versions for additional features, but all basic mapping functions are available in this version. Nodes balance automatically and do not overlap, a couple basic themes are available, and you can even attach hyperlinks and notes. This app does the job nicely.

Found helpful by 32 out of 32 people
Version 5.2.17
Review by FronsyMe

WOW!!! - Be aware, after you waste your time trying to get work done the app will tell you that you need to upgrade to add more notes. Ridiculous! I would have loved to know that before I spent an hour filling in my mind map.

Found helpful by 15 out of 17 people