Notepad - Simple TXT Editor

Developer: Kupon.BG Ltd

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Notepad TXT Editor is a basic text editor. You can use it for simple documents or notes - without any formatting, paragraph styles or tables.

- All your text is displayed in a single font you can select from a menu.
- Supports .TXT files created from Microsoft Windows in any character encodings.
- Lines and characters counts for both the entire document and selected region.

Enjoy the simplicity!

OS X 10.10 Yosemite Tested!


Release Notes:

Fixed issue with printing on OS Mountain Lion


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by btipling

It's very nice - I don't know why I like it, but it's definitely better than TextEdit in ways difficult to put down. I wish there was an option to not ask to save when closing because that's the reason I was looking for another editor in the first place, the save dialogs are slow in mac os x, and I also second the request that someone else had to have an option to remove the word count at the bottom. If you're just looking to paste text, you know TextEdit has a plain text mode you can enable in the preferences. I still think this app is better however. I don't need any of that Rich Text stuff. I also tried ByWord which is nice if you like MarkDown, but for plain text, this app is it.

Found helpful by 21 out of 22 people
Version 1.1
Review by WillBe3812

convert text to characters - When I edit a document - and reopen it - its nothing but miscellaneous characters?????

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1
Review by LJKLKJL

Notepad - This app does not have a “save as” option. It only have a “save” option. I needed to save a file as .html but the app did not have the option to “save as.” Can you fix it so this app will have a “save as” file for the option to save files as .html, pdf, doc. and more

Found helpful by 8 out of 9 people
Version 1.1
Review by FrancoGag

Open non .txt files - I love this app, actually I prefer it over TextEdit since iCloud integration, but it needs to be able to open any file like (.log .plist .html and so on) to be a complete replacement of TextEdit. The feature that everyone is suggesting of disabling the “do you want to save…” dialog, i believe it should be an on/off toggle, some might need it.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 1.1
Review by AHaghgoo

ONLY supports text files, does not support rich text format. - I almost found the app for my daily writing. It offers the user the option to change the font to his or her choosing, but it lacks support for rich text files, full screen support or changing the character count at the bottom to the word count. I'm hoping this could be offered in a future version, which I would gladly pay for.

Found helpful by 5 out of 21 people
Version 1.1
Review by Manyos58

Doesnt Save - Worked alright now it wont let me save doccuments

Found helpful by 4 out of 6 people
Version 1.1
Review by AliCat39

Buggy - I am trying to use this app for a web page development class I'm taking. It will allow me to save the doc initially as xxxx.html then it won't allow me to edit because I don't have permissions…what???? I've done everything to give myself permission (rolling eyes) but it still isn't working. SO FRUSTRATING.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people