Developer: Junecloud LLC

Current Version: 2.7.2

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Download Size: 7 MB - Download


Notefile lets you make quick notes and sync them easily with all your devices. It's available as a Mac app and a universal iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Your notes sync automatically with iCloud, or our own Junecloud Sync. If you use Junecloud sync, you can also view and edit your notes on our web site at

• Shows in the Dock or your menu bar
• Compact window stays out of the way
• Set a keyboard shortcut to get to your notes quickly
• Navigate quickly with your keyboard
• Calculate math right in your notes
• Easily share notes via email, iMessage, and more
• Open plain text files from other apps, and export them too
• Available in English, Japanese (by Nobtaka Nukui and Justin McPeak), French (Thierry Di Lenarda), and German (Jennifer Brehm)


Release Notes:

• Improved iCloud compatibility with future versions of the app.
• Some other minor adjustments.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Splicer415

Worth every penny not to have to look at a fake legal pad background - User Ssnape says it has not much more functionality than Apple's built-in Notes, and there's a point there. This is a basic, straightforward notes app. If you need something robust with file attachments and tagged category folders and fancy layout stuff, there are a lot of other options like Evernote or whatever. For my needs, Notefile fills the bill. It syncs with my iPhone and iPad, and keeps my notes. It's quickly and easily accessible, which is one advantage over Apple's Notes app. It doesn't have to take up space in the dock (you can put it in your toolbar instead) which is a big benefit to me since on the 11" MacBook Air my Dock fills up pretty fast. The assignable shortcut key is a nice benefit, too. Honestly, the big selling point for me is that it is tastefully designed. That stupid legal pad background in Notes drives me batty. Notefile doesn't have options to change the background or font either, but they made it good-looking. It's pleasant to look at. The yellow background in Notefile is a subdued tone, like the page of a Moleskine (a little darker.) Notefile keeps it elegant and straightforward. Put another way: Notefile is a Mac, Apple Notes is a PC. A PC running Windows 3.1.

Found helpful by 55 out of 74 people
Version 2.0
Review by lewandog

Sync Issues - Simply Does Not Work... - Happy to update this once the syncing issues are resolved; but until then… This application does not perform as advertised and does not sync properly. The fact that there are FAQ’s about how to get past the challenges with synching should have been enough of a warning to me before I purchased both the Mac and the iPad / iPhone versions… 10$ down the drain until fixed

Found helpful by 64 out of 65 people