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Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Selected by Apple as one of the Mac App Store's Best Apps of 2013.

NoteSuite helps you stay on top of everything that's important in one organized place. Take notes, manage to-dos, clip web pages, and read and search documents together in one app.

NoteSuite syncs with iPad, so everything you do on one device is also available on the other. And, NoteSuite works anywhere, including offline. No subscriptions, extra fees or Wi-Fi hunting required.


"One of the most powerful, well thought out applications we've seen on Mac and iPad in a long time." - TUAW (AOL)

"Raises the bar for productivity on Mac and iPad" - 9 to 5 Mac


• Full-featured Note Taking •

Blend typing, photos, to-dos, outlines, and audio recordings together on any page. NoteSuite also lets you rearrange items in lists by dragging bullets and focus on one thing at a time by expanding and shrinking sub-lists.

• Complete To-do Manager •

NoteSuite's to-do manager is remarkably easy to use, yet includes all the features you need to stay organized. Capture to-dos within notes or to-do lists, set reminders for either due dates or start dates, instantly view everything that's due today in one list, create sub-lists for projects, set up repeating to-dos, organize to-dos by tags, and much more.

• Quick Web Clipping •

Save articles, web pages, and PDFs into your notebook right from Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. NoteSuite cleans up page clutter, combines multi-page stories into one article, and saves web pages as searchable notes you can read offline.

• Collect Documents •

Store PDFs, MS Office files, text files, images, and more in your NoteSuite library, or attach them to any note. NoteSuite can search for PDF, Word, PowerPoint, RTF files, and more, in your library.

• Flexible Organization •

Organize anything by folders or tags. Put folders inside other folders. And, instantly search for notes, to-dos, web clips, PDFs, and MS Office files any time.

• Sync with iPad •

Just tap one button, and NoteSuite will sync everything in your notebook across devices automatically from that point forward. Because NoteSuite uses iCloud, you don't have to give up any private information or remember new passwords.


Release Notes:

- Now available in Spanish
- Variety of bug fixes and improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by stradev

Great business application - for the right purpose - I’ve been using this application for quite a while (starting when it was ProjectBook) on my iPad then MacBook Air and tried many other iPad apps before it. My goal was simple – to replace my paper notebook: Find a single application that allowed me to very easily take notes during the (many) meetings I attend and simultaneously create linked To-dos. In my opinion, that’s the primary benefit of NoteSuite that I’ve not found elsewhere – at least not so well integrated. I have a note for every meeting with all the highlights of what was discussed and decisions made. The note may contain multiple To-dos. The ability to then look at my consolidated, prioritized task list - with due dates and time it will take to complete each item, for Today, This Week, or All - makes my priorities clear. If I don’t remember all the details of a particular task, I simply click on the linked note and can read all the other information surrounding it. I have a very busy schedule with MANY projects and tasks to manage and NoteSuite is the first App I’ve found that enables a complete, effective organization system. Other features I value: iCloud syncing is seamless and fast. I never have to think about it – it just works and the latest information is on all my devices. The search function is super easy and fast. Though I organize my notes in multiple levels of folders, I’m finding that unnecessary since the search works so well. I also often take a quick snapshot of a whiteboard in a meeting and drop it into a note – again, super quick and effective to provide context to a note or To-do. I’ve been happy with the pace of improvements in the software. I’ve submitted three enhancement requests and two of them have already been implemented. Opportunities for improvement: Definitely need an iPhone app. I don’t always have my MacBook or iPad with me. The Mac version doesn’t have the same drawing/image editing tools as the iPad version. These would be helpful on the Mac. Add numbered lists functionality – Done. Just saw that one added today! Bottom line: It probably won’t do everything for everybody. But you may be hard pressed to find a better tool for taking notes and managing tasks in one environment.

Found helpful by 16 out of 16 people
Version 1.3
Review by Newtonian2

So Promising, but (Apparently) So Dead - NoteSuite was launched with considerable fanfare (reviews in all the right places, promoted as an Editors' Choice on the App Store, etc.). While the enthusiasm was understandable, given all the things this app was capable of doing, from the start I found it difficult to figure out just where it fit into my workflow. For any of the tasks that it could do (e.g., capturing web pages, setting reminders, annotating documents), there were other apps that could do that tasks better. Its main selling point was it could integrate all these functions into one app and — thanks to iCloud integration — it kept all your data on your devices rather than on a remote server. Sadly, it hasn't lived up to its promise. From the start, the interface was somewhat idiosyncratic, the lack of an iPhone version was always a problem (especially for those do most of their news reading on the iPhone and would like to save stories to other devices), and over time various features stopped working. All the evidence suggests that the app is no longer supported and its rating has been steady declining (if you sort reviews by date rather than the "most helpful" default, you'll see the problem). Until there are some signs of life from the Theory IO Corporation, this is an app that is (unfortunately) best avoided. So much promise ... gone to waste.

Found helpful by 16 out of 16 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.3
Review by oli1970

Not ready... - I should have listenend to th reviews. This app is clearly not ready. I will have to go back to Evernote. I purchased Notesuite in the hopes to find a less clunky alternative to Evernote which as well feels more Mac like. Unfortunately Notesuite feels even more clunky with the folder system and overall UI. I regret the purchase. I could name quite a few issues but what almost immediately stopped me from using it…no spell check in other language. I frequently write and take notes in others languages. Notesuite supports only english spell check. Notesuite has potential but until the language issue and clunky folder system is resolved…I will continue using Evernote.

Found helpful by 8 out of 18 people
Version 1.3
Review by Geominded

Disappointed in no Drawing feature on Mac app - The sole reason I paid to download this application was for the touted drawing feature. I already use Evernote for Mac, so all I need is the ability to plug my drawing pad into my Mac to draw…which I thought that NoteSuite allowed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. NoteSuite’s drawing feature is only available on iPad. The application itself looks easy to use and is lightweight (in terms of the UI), but the reviews and the app description are misleading on the drawing/handwriting capabilities across the iPad and Mac apps. If you’re looking for a Mac app that allows drawing with a USB connected drawing pad, don’t download NoteSuite. Very disappointed that I just threw away $5 :(

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 1.3
Review by Yosigo

Doesn’t work, No support. - For a few months, NoteSuite efficiently clipped and downloaded my internet docs. It still does. It just doesn’t allow me to open them. I have many docs stored on NoteSuite, and EVERY time I try to open ANY of them, the app crashes. I’ve written to Customer Support at least eight times, sent them the detailed crash report, and received automated and non-automated replies for over a month. Lately they’ve stopped replying. Even automatically. I cannot access any of the documents. Perhaps they will read this review and actually do something. As it is, the app is worse than useless. It’s an app the carefully stores your valuable documents and guarantees that you will never be able to access them. I just called Theory IO, the company that produces NoteSuite. No answer. Long pause, then busy signal. My guess is that the phone is disconnected. The president is now working with Destineer Studios, a company that makes electronic games. I’m guessing that might explain the lack of support.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.3
Review by grumpy-old-man

superior note organizer and web clipper - I recently had the pleasure of dealing with the notesuite sales and support people because of a problem I was having. They were inordinately patient and helpful. I use notesuite every day for journaling, keeping up to date on short term to do lists, and saving web pages for later review and consultation. The web clipping "sub-app" works very well for this. If you are adding a separate document such as a PDF or DOC file simply dragging and dropping to an open note works very well. There are some little differences between IOS and OSX versions, there seems to be no streamlined iPhone version yet, there are minor quibbles, but this app is better than its famous rival and better than all the other alternatives I have tried. Highly recommended.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 1.3
Review by Online HS Student

App is dead; please don’t waste your money on this! - I’m almost positive that the developers are no longer working on this app, AKA they abandoned their paying customers. I emailed them several times, asking when the next update is going to be but always got evasive answers like, “Our people are hard at work right now.”. I would not recommend the app itself either. Interface is clunky and slow, the only thing I appreciate is its tagging system. Cannot annotate .pdfs on Mac or do anything, really, except view them. Had potential, but just wasted it without updating. Please don’t waste your money with this app like I did.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people