Developer: Jo Ann Pluhacek

Current Version: 2.0.0

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Organization is the most important aspect of taking notes, and it's never been this good! NoteLook works like real paper notebooks in a way no other piece of software can, but it's even better than paper notebooks and comes at an unbeatable price!

What people are saying about NoteLook:

"NoteLook fits perfectly with how I like to organize projects and notes."
"NoteLook perfectly provides students or employees a fantastic spot to keep yourself or your notes organized."
"NoteLook makes it easy to organize, it's easy to use, and it even automatically saves your notes."
"NoteLook is useful toward my school experience and is good for students who may lose their important notes."

NoteLook combines efficient organization with great functionality at an unbeatable price. NoteLook is a new type of application that allows you to take notes on your Mac and organize them efficiently. Organize with NoteLook the way you would with traditional paper notebooks--create notebooks and put your notes for new topics you create into your notebooks. Forget the annual costs of purchasing new notebooks. NoteLook has a single fee of only $1.99 for unlimited lifetime use. NoteLook has no monthly or yearly fees associated with it, and all of your notes are stored on your Mac. This means that no Internet connection is required for NoteLook to work and be fully functional, and you can turn your Mac's WiFi off, allowing you to take notes all day without your Mac running out of battery life.

You can format every aspect of your text using NoteLook. And if you don't want to format your text, all of the text formatting panes and rulers are automatically hidden, putting full focus on your notes.

Using NoteLook, you can print your notes to any printer connected to your Mac. Send your notes to a colleague, a friend, or yourself in PDF format. Export your notes a PDF file or as a text file that can be opened with Pages, Microsoft Word, and many other text editing apps.

In addition to holding your notes, each topic can hold resources, which is a separate text panel that allows you to type in resources used and/or helpful resources for future reference.

NoteLook takes up very little space on your hard drive, and it opens instantaneously.

***Support: Visit to see answers to frequently-asked questions and information about contacting NoteLook Support for support inquiries.


Release Notes:

New NoteLook Features Introduced in Version 2.0:
- Fixed the "notebook is a required value." error message some users were seeing
- New logo
- Ability to export notes as a text file (a .rtf file, which is compatible with most text editing applications on most computing platforms)
- Requires confirmation of deletion when deleting notebooks and topics
- Keyboard shortcuts for adding notebooks and topics, removing notebooks and topics, and changing the background color
- Menu items for adding and deleting notebooks and topics
- Inability to close the NoteLook window without quitting NoteLook (still retains expand window size and minimize functionality)
- New button styling
- Help menu with NoteLook Support link
- Smaller minimum vertical window size to accommodate lower screen resolutions

New NoteLook Features Introduced in Version 1.5:
- Print Notes function
- Export notes to PDF file
- Email notes as a PDF file
- Ability to change background color to white
- Useful Functions panel
- Easier to find Save Notes function
- More clear that notebooks and topics need to be given a name when created

*It is worth noting if you are purchasing NoteLook for the first time that nearly all of the negative reviews have been written by people who have not followed the updating instructions shown before using the NoteLook 2.0 update.

*If you have just updated to NoteLook 2.0 from NoteLook 1.5 or 1.0 and are experiencing problems after the update, please contact NoteLook Support by emailing [email protected]


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by looking for useful apps

Great App, Customer Service - I had a huge problem with the update causing me to lose all my notes. I complained and the support staff was very patient, calm, and willing to deal with any question I had. The staff was very quick to respond. Also the app runs great for the Mac user who doesnt like using notebooks. Terrific App!!!

Found helpful by 9 out of 14 people
Version 0
Review by ACooke1

Don - This app was okay at first as it took some time to get used to. Once I had the basics down, however, it was wonderful. Until I updated to version 2.0. Like the other users before me, I updated only then to be notified that I needed to back up NoteLook BEFORE downloading the update or else I would lose all my files and NoteLook would not work. I lost all of my notes for my college courses and am now having to go back and rewrite them all. Any I took during lecture are GONE and there is no way to get them back. And of course, NoteLook is not working. They have yet to answer my email asking how to fix the problem so I believe the only way to fix the issue is to purchase and download NoteLook all over again - which I will not be doing. Therefore, I warn you all to NOT purchase this app until the creator does a better job with updates.

Found helpful by 68 out of 75 people