Developer: Xelaton Software

Current Version: 1.6.0

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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"Note-C" is a very simple to use application for collecting your notes, snippets and any other piece of text without limiting access to your entries, offering powerful under the hood- and extensive export-features.

Features of Note-C

Saving your entries
Every single entry will be stored in a separate file and you can freely choose where to save your entries. Note-C automatically creates a clean folder hierarchy where you can find your entries fast, even outside of Note-C. Additionally all entries will be saved in the open txt-file-format, so you can open your entries in many text-editors without problems. You keep full control over your entries.
Alternatively you can also save your entries in the open Textbundle-package-format, which collects all data of a single entry into one file. With a single click in the preferences of Note-C you're set up to use the Textbundle-format. More infos about the the Textbundle-format can be found at

Creating multiple notebooks
Note-C allows you to create multiple notebooks, so you can diverse your entries by topics and projects.

Special editor and fullscreen-modes
The editor of Note-C offers a lot of features to make writing more efficient and spare you using the mouse, like automatic list-creation (* and - signs) or moving of text-passages with keyboard-shortcuts. Further Note-C has an inbuilt Tab-Action-Manager where you can define texts which will be inserted into your entries by using a self-defined keyword and the Tab-key. Additionally you can set the look of the editor to your preferences: Colors of text and background, font-size and -type, text-margins and more.

Also, Note-C offers the well known fullscreen-mode (OSX 10.7 or higher) and a distraction-free mode where you can completely concentrate on your text.

Collecting external files
You can add to each entry files which will be stored in a separate folder. Note-C offers options to view these files in Note-C itself or to open the files with an external application. Please Note: Files can't be added directly within the text, however you can use markup to add images to your text.

Note-C supports following markup-languages: Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Textile, BBCode, Wikitext, HTML und Smark. Next to shortcuts for bold- and inverse-type and headlines, you can use markup to export your entries. Further Note-C offers an integrated preview-mode to preview your formatted entries.

To write a string without starting a new entry quickly, you can use the strands-feature of Note-C. Using strands allows you to collect notes, annotations or outline-ideas for your entries. To add strands in Note-C, there are several options available. Next to writing a strand within the application itself, you can also use the status-bar feature to write a strand or use the Note-C-bookmarklet from to send selected text from most web-browsers to Note-C with a single mouse-click.

Exporting entries
Note-C offers it's own export-manager to export your entries to different text-formats. As formats available are plain text, RTF(text only), RTFD, HTML, Doc(text only), ODT(text only)), Textbundle, Textpack and PDF. Next to choosing an export-format, you can also export your entries into single files or all entries into one file.
Additionally there is the option to export your selected entries as an ePub-eBook-file, to read your notebook on an eBook-reader.


Release Notes:

- Note-C automatically opens the last used entry on start now
- context-menu for the attachment-table

- duplicating an entry within a notebook now results in refreshing the list of entries, so the duplicated entry is visible immediately
- very long titles of entries are now displayed shortened within the list of entries which prevents corrupted display of additional informations
- tweaks to the interface of the Tab-Action-Table
- tweaks to the interface of the CSS-Style-Table
- smaller improvements for writing the textbundle-meta-data
- improved protection of using special-characters for file-names which can lead to unexpected behavior
- new Markup-Transformation-Engine implemented
- replaced the the strike-markup for Markdown and MultiMarkdown, instead of using the strike-tag, a del-tag will be set
- optimizations to the text-editor-core
- optimizations to the attachment-system
- within the list of entries, the currently selected entry always remains blue highlighted
- several internal methods refreshed/rewritten/optimized

- resolved an issue within the Smark-transformation, which could lead to freezing Note-C
- corrected website-links within the menu


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3.0
Review by SciFiFanGA

This developer “gets it”! - Open standards. Open formats. Keep It Simple Sam. I have every one of this developers’ products and couldn’t be happier. I sync all my notes on my Synology DiskStation. I don’t use “the cloud”. Everything works flawlessly. Plus, I have the peace of mind knowing that all my data is in an easy to migrate format (markdown usually) and not housed in some proprietary database “locking me in” to a specific Company or software package. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! (Danke schön!)

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people