Developer: Electric Peel, LLC

Current Version: 3.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Note-A-Lator makes learning to read music easy and fun; it also helps you improve your music theory skills. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, Note-A-Lator lets you make customizable quizzes to suit your needs. If you learn better on paper or need a quiz for your class, Note-A-Lator makes it possible to print all of your quizzes.

- Note identification
- Rhythm identification
- Key signature identification
- Scale/Modes identification
- Chord identification
- Interval identification


Release Notes:

- Add sounds to quizzes
- Add support for Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese
- Bug fixes
- New UI for OS X Yosemite


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3.10
Review by Karmicfreak

Useful, but more customization requested! - I purchased this app for use in my middle school choir classroom. There are two ways I forsee using this app. First, I like the ability to print a quick, custom quiz for my kids to prove their knowledge. Second, I have a smartboard, and the kids can come to the board and enter the correct answer into the app. Here are some suggestions I'd like to see for this app to grow and improve: For the printable tests, there is a lot of wasted space, and with photocopying budgets as they are, the number of items on a page could easily be doubled, in 4 columns instead of 2. Also if any customizable top matter (Hour, Folder #, Student #, etc.) could be added, that would be nice. For the on-screen tests, a full-screen option would be very helpful for smartboard use, maybe even showing a few questions at once, so a student could do more than one. Finally, I'd love to see a sight-singing exercise generator, to create 2 - 8 bar examples with variables such as: Key, intervals, clefs, number of parts, accidentals, rhythms. Using the engine already in place, this seems like it would be possible, for printout. For on-screen display, a quiz for solfege syllable (fixed or movable Do) or note name could be done for each note in an example. Overall, I'm not sure this app is yet worth the $10 I spent... But I am hopeful the developers can grow the program to include some of these ideas and make a really great exercise generating tool that doesn't require Finale or Sibelius. UPDATE: The developers have been very responsive to suggestions, although I await an updated application. If you've got a suggestion, follow the support link above and let them know. In my experience, they will respond immediately.

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