Note Studio

Developer: Luminant Software, Inc

Current Version: 1.3.5

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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All the features of the award winning AudioNote, plus a LOT more!

Use Note Studio to stop focusing on note taking, and start focusing on learning!

Did you know that the more effort you put into taking notes, the less likely you are to remember or understand the material?

By keeping your notes synced with the source material, Note Studio allows you to take much briefer notes without fear of missing information. This lets you focus on absorbing the content rather than putting all your effort into writing it down.

Whether you’re attending a live lecture, reading from a book, watching a video, or researching a topic on the Web, Note Studio will help you keep track of where you found information, allowing you to easily return to the material if you need to fill in the gaps.

Audio Notes: You can record audio and type up notes, with each note synced to the time in the audio they were created. You can import audio, or add notes to a recording while playing it back.

Video Notes: You can import video files or load a video using the URL of the video file (note that the URL of the video will not always be the same as the URL of the page you see the video on). While playing the video, you can type up notes and take screenshots to easily capture and organize the information it the video. You can also record video and notes either while recording, or afterwards.

Book Notes: Import PDFs or epub files to study. You can highlight the text and automatically copy the highlighted text into your notes, type out notes which will each function as a bookmark, or use the drawing tools to mark up the text itself.

Web Notes: Take notes while you research a subject on the web to automatically track where you found information.

Subject Organizer: You can create a ‘Subject’ to group notes that are related to the same topic. Once a subject is created, you can drag files, URL’s and notes into its timeline, or save new notes as a part of the Subject. Everything will then be stored inside the Subject in Note Studio, making it easy to search for specific topics, or review information from a date range. The timeline will also let you add memos and assignments to track work that must be done in the future, and can add reminders to your calendar.


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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0.9.2
Review by aviatorcrhis

doesnt work - The format and ideas for this app are great, but it doesnt work. Right now it won't do anything except for what their $5 app does. I cannot save anything into folders and show timlines of notes or any of that. I'll update my review and give it 5 stars if this is fixed or someone shows me what I'm doing wrong.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.1.0
Review by Ryan123Z

worst app for taking notes, etc. - the app crashes a lot.. the drawings and picture imports you put on the note page disappear or move to random places. sometimes they even disappear completely. this app has way too many glitches.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people