Developer: Kyrylo Kovalin

Current Version: 1.5

Last Updated: 2 months ago

Download Size: 31.8 MB - Download


Noizio is an app that will drown out the noise of the street and allow you to concentrate on the work at hand, increasing your productivity. On the other hand, it can also set the mood for a romantic evening or lull you to sleep, ensuring that you will dream soundly all night long. An ambient sound equalizer app for creating a mixture of ambient sounds available for Mac OS X.

• 15 enchanting ambient sounds;
• Ease of choosing and blending the ambient sounds into a mixture that will perfectly fit your mood;
• Minimalistic design;
• Completely free of charge with no hidden ads;
• Sounds are played in a seamless loop;
• Develop for Yosemite;
• Option to automatically launch the program after you turn on your Mac.
• Ready for your MacBook Pro (support Retina display)

15 Ambient sounds:
October Rain, Coffee House, Thunderstorm, Campfire, Winter Wind, Sea Waves, River Stream, Summer Night, Sunny Day, Deep Space, Sailing Yacht, Inside Train, On The Farm, Wind Chimes, Blue Whales

Download Noizio Now to get a simple yet elegant instrument for setting the right mood for any occasion. Use it to help you work or study, or allow the sounds of this app to transport you to a cozy camp fire under a full moon or to any other place you can imagine.


Release Notes:

- Transitions between sounds become even more invisible
- Updated some sounds
- Added the ability to share your mixes sound
- Added control of basic functions via hotkeys
- Added sync mixture between iPhone and Mac OS
- Added tutorial
- Fixed some bugs
- Code optimization


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.1
Review by TomJL

Simple, customizable, pleasant, I would be willing to pay. - I've been using Noizio since March 2015 and find it effective and enjoyable. The typical American house or office is not quiet, with the sound of air conditioning, heating, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, dogs barking, children playing outside, chainsaws, weed blowers, etc tending to interrupt or annoy. Nozio can cover most of those noises (except vacuum cleaners) pretty well. I'm delighted that it is free, but would gladly pay. The only possible additional feature that comes to mind is a way to upload one's own sound loops. Other than that, I can't think of anything that would improve it.

Found helpful by 17 out of 17 people
Version 1.4
Review by smartfunnydude

Crash! - Love the app but this version will not open and crashes on startup every time.

Found helpful by 10 out of 11 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.5
Review by sjtryon

Pretty good... - Does everything it claims and does it well. No issues with the application or its functioning. Four stars for that. Only thing I would suggest to the development team is to provide us with some sounds that are more subtle. Sounds are almost too aggressive as background ambiance. I realize this is all about personal taste so other buyers will feel differently. But for example, how about a wind chimes sound that rings every few seconds, not almost constantly. Or, a summer sound where the birds aren't chirping constantly (like the sound that comes with the app). Thanks!

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 1.5
Review by SuperDave102

Good with one problem - I do like this application. It helps “drown” out some of the background noise. A background noise option would be awesome. Use the microphone to listen to what’s around and play the opposite tones to cancel them out. Not the easiest thing and would require some processing, but doable. Anyway, my one complaint: The application currently Prevents your Mac from going to Sleep. This has caused my machine to over heat when I forget to exit the application before closing the lid and going home for the day. You can see which applications Prevent Sleep by opening the Activity Monitor and going to the “Energy” tab. There is a column with Yes/No for each application that will Prevent Sleep. Otherwise, excellent application.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.5
Review by scampercom

October PLINK! - It’s a good simple app, worthy of five stars… at least it would be, if the developer removed the “plink” sound from October Rain. It would be easy to do, which I know for a fact since I just did it. Let me be specific: October Rain’s sound file is called 2_sound_rain_1.caf, and it’s just over a minute long. Its length is fine, except for a very noticeable sound around 22 seconds in that gives away the loop every time. It took me less than a minute to go into the sound file and remove this sound. So I know, technically, scientifically, that it’s not too much to ask for the developer to do that work. Do that and I’ll give the app the five stars it deserves otherwise.

Found helpful by 6 out of 9 people
Version 1.5
Review by Spandan22

Unresolved Bug and No Communication - I like this app, because it attempts to be a Noisli copy that lives in your menu bar, which is what I wanted. The issue with it is that the save feature doesn’t work (at least for me, and I’m on macOS Sierra). Every time I restart the app, I lose those saved mixtures. I contacted the developer about either getting me a refund or just letting me know if there was fix coming soon, and I never got any response (it’s been a couple of weeks). Also, the sound sample aren’t as good as Noisli in my opinion. The coffee shop has an annoying dish clashing sound that is more interuptive than anything else; the train has a bunch of higher pitch noises that aren’t nice either (something rattling, and the wheels squeaking); someone has already mentioned the plink in the rain sound. All 3 sounds might be realistic, but they don’t make for good background noise. So although the interface looks really good and works well (apart from the save feature), this app just isn’t worth it in my opinion. Especially when Noisli and Sleep Pillow are both free, where as this app costs $5 currently.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.5
Review by r diggy

Just Wonderful - The interface is clean and simple. The sounds are just right. I love this app and would pay money for this or an enhanced version. I’d like to see different cafe sounds, perhaps from cafes around the world and with longer recordings before the loops. Well done, and thank you.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people