Noise Alert

Developer: Vadim Dagman

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 396.1 KB - Download


This is the app that teachers all around the world have been waiting for.

Kids are kids; they have a lot of energy and once in a while this creates a noisy classroom environment. Every teacher has their way to keep kids in line: some try to use the power of persuasion, some resort to threats and some may even lose their temper trying to maintain order until the bell rings.

Well, now they have one more tool in their arsenal - this ingenious noise control app. The app measures the ambient noise and plays an alert sound once the level goes above a chosen threshold. You set the threshold depending on how much noise you can tolerate or want to allow.

- Adjustable noise threshold level
- Adjustable sensitivity range with a buffer preventing false alarms from coughs or sneezes
- Customizable alarm sound - use any sound file of your choice
- Adjustable alarm volume
- Counter to show how many times alarm was triggered while you were away
- Very intuitive controls, extremely easy to figure out and use

The app is educational in that it teaches kids self-control with instant, consistent feedback. It helps teachers maintain discipline but it's also fun and entertaining for teachers and kids alike. And of course it can be used anywhere outside the classroom.

Phil Rosenthal - Arts teacher at Pinewood Middle School, Los Altos, CA, for suggesting the idea, real life testing on his students and providing invaluable feedback
Alex Dagman - my son, 6 grader at Pinewood School, for communicating the idea to me and making enough noise in the classroom to test the app