Node Runner


Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Write and run Node.js code instantly!
Node Runner is a handy tool for learning Node.js and running Node.js script for daily tasks.

Simply type Node.js code and press "Command-R" to run it, that is all!
You don't event need to save the file first!

* Fetures

- Type and run Node.js code instantly
- Open and run Node.js script file
- Display output as plain text or HTML
- Supports Node.js CLI interaction (text output mode)
- Bundle with Node.js binaries
- You can specify the Node binary path in the preferences ("Command-,")
- Auto indent and replacing tab with spaces
- Zoom in / zoom out text with "Command-+" and "Command--"
- Keyword completion ("Command-.")

Node Runner is simple and quick. You can use it for daily tasks such as text processing, code generation or simply type some code to verify your ideas.


Release Notes:

- Support syntax highlighting
- Update the Node.js runtime to v6.9.4 LTS