NightChess Online

Developer: Triceratapps Publishing LLC

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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NightChess: Lord of the Zombies 3D

!!! Full Version !!! Purchase unlocks online player vs player mode, ad free!

Battle the Undead Necromancer King and his army of monsters in this mini 3D chess variant! Utilize your own dark minions - The Shade Bishop, Assassin Knight, Witch Queen, Wyvern Rooks, Skeleton Pawns and completely unique pieces like the Cyclops and Dwarf. Choose from 5 starter colors, and unlock "Dead" for a bloody look to your zombie battlefield!

★Features include:

!!! Online player vs player with leaderboard top scores!!!

- 3D board and pieces with the ability to rotate to any view
- Play 1 player against a computer opponent
- 2 player local (tabletop) mode
- iPad support
- Retina display support
- Graveyard 3D environment
- Undo move button
- Save and load previous games
- Varying computer opponent difficulty

★Some Great News:

NightChess has over 10,000 downloads!

NightChess is in over 30 different countries!

NightChess is translated and played in 18 languages!!!

★What people are saying about NightChess Online:

"It's the Chess they play in Hell!"

"Awesome new game! Very creative and a fun new spin on classic chess. I love NightChess!"

"It was about time someone came up with a good chess game both for kids and adults. Great Job!"


Release Notes:

- "Online Player vs Player'" mode added

- "Elo" ranking system added: standard chess ranking system as used to rank top players in the world

-"Current Leaderboard" added for high scores and top players

- "Game History" display to access past games

- "Active Games List" added: access a current game in play on a daily, weekly, and bi-weekly basis

- Innovative "Online Bot" system, featuring 60 online computer opponents:

• Easy, Medium, and Hard bots

• Advanced "Draw" system: Online bots protect ELO rankings by not accepting draws when they have an advantage.

• "Worldwide Alternating of Online Bots": varying daily and hourly bots to accommodate every timezone

- Matchmaking system implemented to include: Adding friends, choice of black or white to start, and support for multiple pages of online matches to join.

- "R.I.P. Adz Tombstone Icon": Purchase of Full Version gives ad-free access to online play, and icon attached to players username


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4
Review by Play Me, Chicken!

Strongly suggest not buying/new rules not classic chess - If you would like to play a 3-year-old version of “daddies gone to work”. Let's put anything on the board and let them do whatever they want. Pieces that move in star formation, to forward and to left, or my favorite only forward. This is the game to waste your dollar on. I thought I was going to get players that look like the European Kings, Tall Elegant Queens, or maybe even a Horse that gallops across the board when you move him. Which go out and destroy the evil zombies. That is not this game. You cannot even exit the game you have to shut the whole computer down. Wonderfully crafted for the garbage.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0
Review by Chessmastah

Give me more! - Love that it's simple and smooth. Unique pieces and moves gives me a break from other chess apps. I like the leaderboard just so I can see if I'm good or not, and there always seems to be players online, maybe bots, but either way I can always climb the board! Where's the vampire Piece? Werewolf? Haha I want more

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people