Network Logger IT

Developer: Lyle Andrews

Current Version: 5.7

Last Updated: 2 days ago

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Network Logger IT has the same features as Network Logger Pro but can also email you reports when device monitoring or internet connection events occur.

Network Logger IT will notify any number of recipients via email when a web site or device being monitored goes down or has service restored, or after an internet service outage on your local internet connection. Emailed reports include outage times, duration and the number of failed requests made during the outage.

Log your network outages, graph speeds over time, and more. Network Logger IT can monitor your web sites and produce historical graphs of their speeds, outages, and response times.

If there are certain times of day or week that your web site slows down or has an outage, Network Logger IT will show you. You can end flaky web site performance nightmares right now by catching them in the act and providing irrefutable documentation of what has been happening to your provider or IT department. An Apple network engineer has told us they use Network Logger to track internal and external networks at Apple.

You can export URL speed graphs as PDFs, or copy the web site outage log, or the network outage log and quickly show tech support or colleagues what you are experiencing in a way that enables them to understand what’s going on at a glance.

Selected Features:

• Automated Ping Testing
• Automated HTTP (Web Site) Testing
• Automated Internet Connection Speed and Connectivity Testing
• Realtime Traffic Displays for all Network Interfaces
• Internet Connection Outage Log
• Router monitoring for UPnP & SNMP (v1,v2) enabled routers*

• Historical Traffic Graphs for all Network Interfaces
• Menubar Display showing Speed and Connection Status
• Website Transmission Speed Graphs
• Ping & HTTP Response Time Graphs
• Ping & HTTP Outage Logs
• Speech synthesized customizable announcements for monitoring events

• Customizable Color Themes
• Linear and Log Graphing Styles
• Clickable Stats on Graph Bars

• Autosave of Monitoring Sessions
• Save and Resume Monitoring Sessions
• Export Graphs as PDFs
• Export Logs as .log Files
• Export CSV File Statistics

When monitoring a server URL or a device IP address with a URL Monitor you can customize the spoken and logged status announcements by entering a custom announcement. With this you can set up spoken announcements for any device that responds to pings or HTTP requests such as:

• The company website is down.
• The smart TV in Johnny's bedroom has been turned on.
• The IP security camera by the garage went down.
• The online store payment gateway is not responding.

If you have an issue using Network Logger IT or need help, email the support address and you will get support right away. Suggestions are welcome.

*Note: If you are interested in purchasing this for the router monitoring feature, you can test your router's compatibility with Network Logger IT by downloading the free utility "NL Compatibility Checker" first. Available on the Mac App Store.


Release Notes:

Seamless autosaving and autoloading of both network interface and URL/IP, Ping, HTTP, SNMP & UPnP monitoring sessions creates greater convenience and enables continuous operation across power failures/unexpected reboots for mission critical applications. Fixed a bug that allowed a malformed SNMP response to cause a crash. Fixed a bug in a 3rd party ping library that allowed a malformed ping response to cause a crash.


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