Developer: Black Pixel

Current Version: 4.1.0

Last Updated: 4 months ago

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The classic is back - NetNewsWire is the best way to keep up with the sites and authors you read most regularly. Let NetNewsWire pull down the latest articles, and read them in a distraction-free and Mac-like way.

Sync - Sync your sites, read articles, and bookmarks with NetNewsWire Cloud Sync.

Native Interface - NetNewsWire looks right at home in Mac OS X.

Tabs - For the true reading lover, NetNewsWire easily keeps track of multiple articles open at the same time.

Popular Sites - If you’re just getting started, NetNewsWire can suggest some great reading material.

Sharing - Send articles to Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Find Later - Bookmark individual articles, mark sites as your favorites, and search everything.

Distraction-Free - Reading in a browser means putting up with unwanted stuff. NetNewsWire puts the focus on content.


Release Notes:

- Addresses a potential error during login


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.0.0
Review by wkt999

Awesome!!! Welcome Return to a Great App! - I’ve been an avid RSS feed reader for years, and I used this app for a long time to read my RSS news feed. It was good but wasn’t supported very well. Then Black Pixel took over development from the original developer. They released a freebie beta version for several months while they reworked it for general release. Here it is!!! Finally. And a job well done, I might add. I’ve only used it one day, but so far it seems rock stable. It supports a synced newfeed with the iOS version, (tested, and works fine). Free syncing BTW, which is good too. I’m sick to death of all these apps that want to charge you $5/month to perform proprietary syncing on their websites. I’m over the moon on this one. Google let all the RSS consumers down in a big way a while back when they dropped support for RSS syncing, but Black Pixel has corrected the issue with an excellent product that moved right to page 1 on my iPhone. Well done, BP! And thanks.

Found helpful by 28 out of 28 people
Version 4.0.3
Review by SJS613

Very poor support - Every 5 minutes or so I get a dialogue box announcing a syncing error. I have been using netnewswire through 2 versions of MacOS and several black pixel upgrades and have contacted them several times - they have done nothing to attempt to understand (!) or fix the problem. When I started using netnewswire it seemed great but with so many interruptions each day and with no support (for a paid app!) I am looking for something else. Not a good buy!

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.1.0
Review by {01110}

DO NOT BUY if you expect Cloud Sync to work - Been a Netnewswire user long before Black Pixel acquired it, so was excited to see it come back from the dead. However, Cloud Sync has never worked and support is about the worst you can get. I found an email in my inbox from a year ago, where support asked me to delete the iOS app and reinstall and I gave them an update that it didn’t work, yet never heard back. DO NOT BUY this app if you need Cloud Sync.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 4.1.0
Review by Sweejak

This App won’t open. - After a very long time of “NetNewsWire” telling me that it is updating the database, the app simply disappears — or at least it did when I woke up this morning. It disappeared from The Dock too even though I have selected “Keep in Dock”. Right now it’s been “updating the article base” for 10 hours. I’ve not been able to even open it.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 4.1.0
Review by Bobby T.

Cloud Sync is broken with no support - I’ve been tring unsucsesfully to get cloud syncing to work, but it won’t… My steps to try to fix the issue now causes an error message dialog to periodically display on any system that I try enablign cloud sync on. The ONLY way to disable the error messages is to completely disable cloud sync and leave it off. The errors come back the moment I re-enable cloud sync. After contacting support I got an indciation they would look into the problem. That was over 3 weeks ago now and there has been no follow-up. In short support is non-existent... It’s effectively rendered my iOS copy of NetNewsWire completely worthless, and also ensures I cannot sync content between my desktop & laptop systems. If you are looking for an RSS reader that syncs between systems, this is most definitely NOT the client you are looking for.

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