Need for Madness

Developer: Omar Waly

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 29.1 MB - Download


Need for Madness is a very mad car racing and crashing game where you perform stunts to power your car and win by either racing (finishing in first place) or wasting the other cars!
WARNING: This game is literally mad, crazy, cuckoo...


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0
Review by Mac Pro User - Jasen

Awesomenes!!!! - I love this game, the destroying, wrecking, and all the racing tied together. And best of all, it’s finally an offline game! I used to play it alot on the internet, but sometimes I’m on the road without and exciting game to play, glad this game is on my travel list now. :)

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Version 2.0
Review by stedojo

Its good but... - This game is also online, and it has multiplayer when used online, so I dont really see the point of downloading this.

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Version 2.0
Review by Kapteyn99

Not suggested - the game is ok i guess but all the oponents try to do is kill you! They don’t try to win the just come after you, sometimes they wait somewhere and then when you start coming near they ram you head on and get you wrecked so you need to start over. Also what is up with the level system?… personally i thinks its terrible, entering a code to get to the next level, can’t the game just start back up where it left off? The physics are a mess as well, half the time going off jumps leads to me getting wrecked or shot off somewhere. Last but not least, there is an online version which works fine except doesn’t take up useless space on your hard-drive. My advice don’t download unless you have absolutly nothing else and are going somewhere with no internet and want to end up getting mad because of the games errors. Hope this helps.

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