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Developer: DigitalYacht Ltd.

Current Version: 2.1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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NavLink allows you to explore and plan your boating trips on your Mac at home or to use your Mac on the boat, as a fully functional electronic charting system, navigating in real time using the included hi-res vector charts.

Taking the GPS position and AIS data from your onboard navigation systems, NavLink can be used as the primary electronic charting system on the boat or as the perfect backup system to an existing dedicated chart plotter.

NavLink supports the latest NOAA ENC Digital Vector Marine charts covering the whole of the USA and Great Lakes.

- Includes US Coastal, Great Lakes and USACE Inland Charts.
- Buoys, lights etc. are tappable with bearing and distance.
- Seamless fast panning and zooming across charts.
- Route Planning and tracking with Waypoints, SOG, COG, ETA etc.
- Live AIS Ship overlay with CPA and TCPA alarms
- Charts work offline
- Route export, import and sharing
- Share routes with NavLink on iOS

NavLink uses the latest Digital Vector charts providing a wealth of benefits and advantages over raster charts. Buoys, Lights, Bridges, Depth Contours, Depth Soundings, Rocks, Anchorage areas, NOAA Weather Buoys etc. are all selectable and have real time distance, bearing and detail information. Turn off layers to de-clutter the display and only show what is important at the time. Tides, moon and sun times and weather are also all available at your fingertips.

NavLink lets you measure distances and bearings and record waypoints on routes. When at sea, the app’s Sailing HUD shows your position, Course over ground (COG), Speed over ground (SOG), Vector Made Good (VMG), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Distance and bearing to next Waypoint. Waypoint reached alerts, auto-routing to the next waypoint and collision alerts.

Connected to an AIS system, NavLink displays all AIS equipped vessels within VHF range and constantly monitors their position and track. Should NavLink detect a vessel that is on a course that could potentially bring it too close to your own boat, then it will sound a CPA or TCPA alarm.

NavLink is also available for iOS, so you can plan a route on your Mac and share the route with your iPhone or iPad.

Real-time route navigation requires a GPS location which can be provided by our GPS150 USB sensor or other 3rd Party units. NavLink works with all Mac Compatible USB and Bluetooth GPS units, or wirelessly with our range of Wireless NMEA products; NavLink, WLN10, iNavHub, etc. which provide location or AIS service via TCP or UDP.

Your purchase of NavLink includes 12 months free updates to the included US chart set.

GPS only required for real time route navigation. Optional Real time Tides and Weather information require an active internet connection.

NavLink (including the NOAA charts) is intended to be used as an aid to navigation. Only official government charts and notice to mariners contain all of the current information needed for safe navigation. This product's features cannot be relied on to be complete or accurate and may vary locally. It is the Captain's or Boat Owner's responsibility to use official government charts, notice to mariners, caution, sound judgement and proper navigational skill when operating their vessel and using this or any other Digital Yacht product.

By purchasing this App, you are accepting the limitations of this app and the NOAA charts.

Third Party Licenses and Notices
NOTICE: US Marine Charts are derived from official NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts.


Release Notes:

Improved external GPS support
OSX El Capitan support

Version 2 adds

Enhanced Ship AIS:-

Ship names displayed on chart
Rate of turn vectors showing bending ship course prediction.
Relative scale ship icons - so big ships appear bigger.
Ship names displayed on map - so you can see the ships' names without having to tap on them.
Ship positions corrected for true location of gps receiver on the ship (important when zoomed in!)

Live View when zoomed in to less than 3 miles providing
- AIS data as soon as it is transmitted - as good as ,if not better than, having your own VHF AIS receiver on board
- Ships drawn at true scale size when zoomed in on the map - vital for seeing the size of the gap or passage around large vessels.

Dropbox support for easily sharing routes between your iOS devices and SeaNavMac.

AIS Share - share your local AIS data over the internet with others like with Ship Plotter. Contact us to get a dedicated port and web view to share to on our internet AIS service and view your local AIS data on your iOS devices at the same time.

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