Naplan Style Maths Tests - Year 9

Developer: Eureka Multimedia Pty Ltd

Current Version: 1.0.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Based on Australian Schools Naplan Tests.

Eureka's Naplan Style Maths Tests for Year 9 is a revolutionary maths tests creator that help students to reinforce maths lessons taught in class and in particular, the the type of questions asked in Australia's National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) type tests.

Maths skills improve with practice. Eureka's Naplan Style Maths Tests generates 1000's of unique Naplan-style maths questions providing students with a wealth of practice questions.

Step-by-step worked solutions on the answer sheets or on-screen allow students to compare their solutions and identify any mistakes.

A student's progress is tracked which allows areas of weakness to be identified.

Eureka's Naplan Style Maths Tests - Year 9 allows the student to tailor exams to concentrate on particular topics for additional practice and to improve overall test outcomes.


* Generates 1000's of unique NAPLAN-type maths questions.
* Based on past NAPLAN tests.
* Tests can be completed on-screen or in printed form to simulate test conditions.
* Includes Step by step worked solutions.
* Progress is tracked and areas of weakness are identified.
* Combines calculator and non-calculator tests

Some of the topics covered:

• Indices
- Index Notation
- Index Laws
- Negative Indices
- Fractional Indices
- Scientific Notation
- Comparing Numbers Expressed in Scientific Notation
- Calculations in Scientific Notation Using the Index Laws

• Perimeter, Area and Volume
- Perimeter
- Perimeter of a Sector
- Some Special Sectors
- Perimeter of Composite Figures
- Applications of Perimeter
- Area
- Area of a Sector
- Applications of Area
- Surface Area
- Volume of Prisms and Cylinders
- Capacity and Mass

• Algebra
- Number Patterns
- Number Sentences
- Algebraic Terms
- Four Operations
- Four Laws of Algebra
- Substitution in Algebraic Expressions
- Expansion of Algebraic Expressions
- Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions
- Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Fractions
- Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Fractions

• Equations and Inequalities
- Linear Equations
- Equations with Pronumerals on One Side
- Equations with Pronumerals on Both Sides
- Problem Solving
- Formulae
- Inequalities
- Graphing Inequalities

• Probability
- Terms Used in Probability
- Relative Frequency
- Experimental Probability
- Equally Likely Outcomes
- Theoretical Probability
- Probability Scale
- Complementary Events
- Representing Sample Spaces

• Coordinate Geometry
- Coordinates of a Point
- Length of an Interval
- Midpoint of an Interval
- Graphs of Linear Relations
- Sketching a Linear Graph
- Horizontal and Vertical Lines
- Gradient of a Line
- Finding the Gradient of a Line
- Graphs of Non-Linear Relations
- The Parabola

• Data, Graphs and Statistics
- Data
- Graphs
- Tables
- Range
- Measures of Central Tendency
- Dot Plot
- Stem-and-Leaf Plot
- Back-to-Back Stem-and-Leaf Plot
- Frequency Distribution Table
- Histogram and Frequency Polygon
- Cumulative Frequency
- Finding Mean and Median from a Frequency Table
- Groups of Data
- Histogram and Frequency Polygon using Grouped Data
- Cumulative Frequency Histogram and Polygon
- Finding the Median from the Cumulative Frequency Ploygon

• Trigonometry
- Identifying and Naming the Sides of a Right-Angled Triangle
- Ratios of Sides in Similar Right-Angled Triangles
- Trigonometric Ratios
- The Calculator in Trigonometry
- Finding Angles of a Right-Angled Triangle
- Finding the Length of a Side of a Right-Angled Triangle
- Angles of Elevation and Depression
- Directions and Bearings