Apps Similar to NSMonitor

All your Snippets and all your Source Files on all your Macs. Thanks to iCloud. Life is like a box of code. It is up to you what you do with it. This is true for CocoaBox as well: Store unlimited Cocoa/Objective-C/Swift snippets. Thanks to iCloud,

Have you ever thought to create a map based game for iPhone, iPad or Mac. Probably yes and maybe you gave up because there are not performanced tools around. Now you can with Sake2D. A 2D map editor to design easly your Cocos2D game. You can perform

BetaBuilder for iOS Applications is a tool for easing the pain of the iOS ad-hoc beta process. For the past few years, we’ve had to go through the same song and dance: gather device IDs, create ad-hoc builds and then try to explain to users ho

Lets you drag and drop .png image files and have them converted into .jpeg automatically. To use simply drag your .png image or images onto the App's window or the App's Dock Icon, and the app will create a .jpg for each one in the same folder as yo

Data Creator is an advanced data generator that can create table filled with pseudo-random custom content in just few clicks. You can select which kind of fields (columns) you like (name of animals, colors, fruits, english surname, german names and

This is a utility for Developer. In this app you will find the FULL SOURCE of 9 applications. YOU CAN USE THIS TEMPLATES FOR YOUR APP!!!! Projects complatible with Xcode 5 and 6! With some small modifications you can create your app starting w

- Calculate the total number of seconds of a date & time when an application expires - // Description // timeOver is a simple application that calculates the total number of seconds of a date & time they select so that a software developer can figu

oTerminal is an universal and easy to use terminal program for ethernet communication (TCP/IP) and serial ports. With oTerminal and a standard ethernet to serial converter, it is easy to connect serial devices with different baud rates. It is also p

Game Developer allows you to develop games, interactive apps, interactive books without any need to know to learn how to code... IT IS MAGICAL - "UNBELIEVABLE" It is a visual language that enables designers, artists, project managers, software devel

CodeGofer is a library of snippets, recipes and one-liners for various technologies organized in collections. Current collections include: - Javascript Basics - Python Recipes - Ruby Recipes - Cocoa Basics - Bash Scripting Recipes You can also crea

Jenkins Notifier is the missing link that allows you to monitor your Jenkins CI Server job statuses from your Mac OS X machine. It runs discretely from the menu bar with at a glance job status display and click through straight to your Jenkins job.

JSON toolbox is your all around JSON utility. It can generate code, validate json, tidy, minify and much more! FEATURES: + Automatically generate code, so that you don't have to waste time writing it by hand. + Validates your JSON on the fly and eve

This productivity app churns out slick-looking buttons with minimal effort. Quickly and easily create gorgeous button designs for websites, mobile apps, desktop apps or anywhere else you need a professionally designed button. Output to CSS or PNG -

iVinci is a professional vector design app, iVinci Code instantly generate the drawing source code for iOS and OSX developers, what you see in iVinci is what you can draw with code! As developers, we know that hand-write drawing code is very hard,

Do you want to save time resizing your app icons, launch images and app store screenshots? "I love this app. Its been an excellent time saver for us..."-Devtap-5 stars "Love Love Love..."-eclicker-5 stars Why we are different? icons ...launc

Create SQLite database files, view data in database tables easily. ViewSQLPro offers an easy way of viewing the contents of encrypted or non-encrypted REALSQL/SQLite database files. If you have some encrypted REALSQL database files that you repeate

Convert an image file to an icns file or assets folder suitable for a Mac app in just 2 steps: 1. Drag an image into the window. 2. Click the "Create icns" or "Create assets" button. That's all it takes to create icns files for use in Xcode 4.4 or

- Generate Objective-C code for NSGradient and GCGradient - - Description - Drawing the background pattern of an NSView or a UIView object with a uniform color is too simple. If you are developing OS X applications, you can use NSGradient. Or creat

Now you can save snippets of code very easily on your computer! With syntax coloring importing, great pasteboard support, and line numbering, saving snippets, and fragments of code will be painless and even fun! You can also export a Snippet as an RT

The application is userful for test other application than need ripetitive mouse task like click e double click at user specified coordinates. It is also a COMMAND LINE utility, it is created for Developer users. Call this command utility for a