NLogPoly Synth

Developer: tempo rubato

Current Version: 5.3

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer ::: check nlogmusic at YouTube :::

NLogPoly Synth app is a polyphonic and multi-timbral virtual analogue synth with optional free plug-in version (Audio Unit & VST, see below). For set-up support, please use email!

You have 8 synths in one and each itself is polyphonic. Each synth has 4 OSCs, 2 FILTER, 4 ENVs & 4 LFOs plus its individual effect bank. In multi-layer set-up you have thus a polyphonic hyper-synth with 32 OSCs, 16 FILTERs etc.

Plug-In version supporting Audio Units and VST (OS X only) for direct integration into Apple's Logic X, GarageBand, MainStage, Steinberg's Cubase, Presonus' StudioOne or Ableton's Live etc. can be downloaded at for free. The plug-in version requires to have NLogPoly Synth already installed.

Exchange sound patches with iPad app "NLogSynth PRO" and read patches from iOS app "NLog MIDI Synth."

The synth supports Apple's CoreMIDI and CoreAudio technologies, so all compatible devices can be used.



- including fresh new sound set by the trance producer 7 Skies (   


    - Over one 150 parameters and options
    - Store up to 96 own edits in 3 user banks


    - Internal floating point engine
    - Highly efficient sound algorithms


    - New filter implementation for SMOOTH and JUICY control with 7 FILTER types
    - UNISONO mode for parallel sounds with detune, delay and panning control

=== SOUND editing features ===

- 4 Oscillators with 20 waveforms:
    - classic analogue SIN, SAWTOOTH, TRIANGLE and SQUARE
    - 16 additional carefully designed wavetables 

- True PWM pulse-width modulation
    - Modulated by LFO or envelope

- Frequency modulation
    - Sinusoidal and complex waveforms
    - Modulation by LFO and envelope

- Ring modulation
    - Old school electronic effect 

- Noise generator
    - Individual modulation by LFO and envelope

- 2 Filter with 7 filter types
    - Low Passes, High Passes & Band Passes
    - Finest sweeps and smoothest cutoff tuning
    - Carefully resonating
    - 12 & 24dB option for steepness

- 4 Envelope generators
    - Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release
    - Velocity controlled attack time
- Slope control

- 4 Modulation LFOs
    - 4 waveforms
    - Sample & hold
    - Fade in delay

- Modulation Matrix
- 4 Modulation slots each modulating 3 destinations

- Multi-effect section
    - Stereo delay with cross-feed and damping filter
    - chorus
- flanger
- phaser
    - distortion
- reverb
- parametric EQ

The Audio Units logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


Release Notes:

- fixing bugs when selecting other voices than main


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.2
Review by al-naafiysh

Fantastic Virtual Synth - Software instruments are rare on the Mac App Store. Most developers sell their instruments online. So when I saw the NLogPoly Synth on the Mac App Store, I was both surprised and intrigued. I have the NLog MIDI Synth for my iPod Touch, and it is definitely the best synth available for iOS. But what of the Mac version? Is it worth the $25 I would pay for it? My answer is yes. If you aren't familiar with virtual synthesizers, I can tell you straight off that they are commonly very expensive. An "original" synth, designed completely by the developer, usually goes for $60+, while modeling synths, which look and sound like real-world analog synths such as the famous MiniMoog or Prophet, usually go for $200+. So when you compare it, NLogPoly is quite a bargain. But is it a good sounding, high-quality synth? My answer is, again, yes. NLogPoly does have a great sound to it that can be morphed into virtually anything using the four oscillators, two filters, four LFOs, four envelopes, and a nice set of effects. Also, it has a very cool and unique feature - you can layer up to eight completely different synth sounds onto one MIDI channel, giving you a HUGE phat sound. Now, I won't say that the NLogPoly sounds exactly like a vintage analog Moog, but I if you're good with synths and understand how they work and how to shape a great sound, then you can get pretty close. The actual app is a synth for performance mostly, but has a very basic recorder that you can loop or export to your DAW or just to a folder or media player. But once you've bought the synth, you can go to and get the audio unit for use in the DAW of your choice for free. One of the best things about this synth, to me at least, is the user interface. The UI really is beatiful, and has that nice wood look of a vintage synth. It is full of parameters, but they're all organized in an orderly fashion. NLogPoly comes ready with several great sound libraries, but Tempo Rubato gives you 108 blank spaces to save your own sounds. It also includes a great arp. As for use with a MIDI controller, NLogPoly works well with my Akai MPK Mini. It allows you to choose any four parameters for use as your "perf" controls, and then choose CC commands for them. This is nice because I don't need to create a whole new preset on my MPK Mini - I can just choose what CC command controls what. Now, as great as NLogPoly is, there are a few things I'd like to see in an update. One big one for me is a full screen mode. It's not that the window is small, it's just that it seems small on my 13" MBP's screen. It looks kind of unprofessional when you can still see the edges of my desktop and my dock. One other thing that isn't so important, but I'd still kind of like, is some sort of automap thing. Sure, the ability to choose CCs for four knobs and the XY pad is nice, but I'd like to see more MIDI controls and an easier way to program them. Overall though, NLogPoly is a great all-around synth and I highly recommend it.

Found helpful by 33 out of 33 people
Version 5.2
Review by Miotico

Not in sight on Logic X - It is not loading on Logic X. I’ve tried what the company has suggested with no luck. It works on Logic 9, but it’s not the app I’m using now.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.3
Review by NickName86

Not bad until ElCapitan - Ran fine on my Mac Mini before El Capitan, now blows up immediately upon launch.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 5.3
Review by Letmeintosee123

Nice synth. - Amazing sounds can come from this synth. for $12 it’s a good deal, as it also provides au/vst plugin when you purchase the app. The interface is smooth and easy to work with. It’s easy to explore and make complex sounds. I do have a few complaints/bugs that I want to say about this app, but it’s still an impressive synth and I recommend it. complaints/bugs: - I get the error sound a lot while playing Nlog with the computer keyboard. It usually happens after I save a patch or when I open other applications. Clicking the osc tab in Nlog fixes it sometimes without having to quit the app. - Nlog VST usually crashes when I try to save a sound patch. I don’t have this problem with the standalone app. - There should be that “roll the dice” feature for randomizing sounds as there aren’t many patches to choose from. - I don’t like how the whole sound bank system is setup. You can’t really organize or group your sounds. You can only save up to 96, which may be why I can’t come across any patches online. I don’t know how to share my patches unless I’m using VST. I think this was poorly implemented. I think it would make a huge difference if they come up with a different way to manage and view your sounds.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 5.3
Review by merula

Was really nice - This was a really nice synth but is crashing on Yosemite. Would like to be able to use it again. Please fix.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 5.3
Review by fellow ent

Could be the best of the best but... - I love this app, i use it as my main midi synth. Any and everything you’d need to build your own custom synth tones (thoroughly, seriously.. its THOROUGH) and its packed with preloaded sounds. You can also boom custom tones between NLog POLY (mac) and Pro (iPad). Create Sounds on the go, come home and blast it through your rig. Just one issue, when I get into the groove/zone, when playing something you’d probably want to loop through my controller, it tends to crash just as you start to feel it. you know when you’re like f**k yeah and the delays add up just so. i really dont know how to explain it. it just cant handle the groove. maybe the overlapping delays are building to the point where its to much information to handle. It can be quite anti-climatic, heart breaking even. I am on and ancient macbook from like 2008, so this could be all me. Either way this is still THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK ON THE SYNTH MARKET !!!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 5.3
Review by byron426

Great! …that is until El Capitan... - Ran great prior to El Capitan. Top of the line synth. One of the best in class. FIX IT!!!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people