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Easy kiosk management. A version is also available for iPad. Finally, you can install an Internet kiosk in a public place in minutes. The biggest strength of xStand is its simplicity and reliability. We have thousands of customers around the world w

IP-Calculator is a simple and easy to use Mac OS X application that will allow you to quickly calculate the host range, IP network, broadcast address, wildcard mask, and the number of hosts on the network using only the IP address and the subnet.R

Lotto Wizard uses advanced statistical analysis to select the most popular winning patterns consisted of active, average and passive numbers. Our lottery software works with almost all lotto-type lotteries that draw 5-6 numbers out of a number pool f

+++++++++++++++++ Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX. +++++++++++++++++ MILLIONS FOR EUROMILLIONS is an intelligent playslip generator. It analyzes all EuroMillions results up to date, identifying patterns that are used to generate statistical p

The best way to dial numbers on OS X! Keypad, formerly Continuity Keypad, allows you to dial phone numbers on your Mac, and place the call via your iPhone utilizing the FaceTime App in Yosemite. With Keypad, you can either manually enter a number to

Keep a copy of your project mirrored on an external drive or a file server. FolderWatch syncs your project while you work, making sure your copy stays up-to-date at all times. Simply have FolderWatch monitor a folder on your computer and then ad

PhySyCalc is the next generation scientific and engineering calculator with units—it makes the others seem like slide rules. How is PhySyCalc different from other calculators? It allows you to include unit symbols in your calculations, obtain

FBContacts is an application that loads your Facebook friends' data and matches them with the contacts that you already have in your Address Book. When the contacts are matched you will be able to import data from Facebook friends' pages, such as the

iLearn is used to learn IR codes from your remote controls using the GC-IRL or an iTach (Flex) unit from Global Caché. Learning can be done with: • The GC-IRL connected using an USB-Serial adapter • The GC-IRL connected to a GC100 u

TopHat Apps Menu provides a global menu for fast access to your favorite and most used apps. * Run with or without a Dock Icon. * Add any app to the favorites at the top of the menu. * Display most used apps by order of usage. * Display recently use

*** 20% of gross revenue to charity! At Testament Creative, we are committed to making the world a better place, so we will be donating 20% of all revenue from ads, in-app purchases, and game/app purchases from now, until forever. Read more at: http

QaLL terminates running applications. And also can relaunch every apps which are terminated by QaLL with 1 button. Of course you can specify apps you don't want to terminate. Mac OS X is able to run many apps in parallel, but sometimes, especially wh

Instantly kill all running application with a single click! NOTE: Version 2.0 is already available @ - Super-easy to use - Intuitive interface - Tired of having to quit every single app one-by-one? - Have severa

Admin Tool Radius is a powerful tool developed by and intended for system administrators who require Radius settings on OS X Server. This tool has been tested from Mountain Lion up to Yosemite. Admin Tool Radius allows you to enable the OS X Server

Quick and easy access to your online account login information! Key Holder is a password manager application. For each password account, the account name, user, password, Internet URL, and a memo field for miscellaneous notes can be kept. A menu com

With its innovative and minimal interface, Outcome provides a new calculator application usage experience. With none of the traditional buttons found on calculators, it is easy and enjoyable to use. Rather than being faced with an array of buttons r

Am I being watched? Is my camera on but did I somehow miss the green LED? Thanks to click-jacking, trojan horses and malware, hackers have found ways to turn on your camera without your consent. Camera Lock enables you to lock your camera and refuse

▶▶▶▶▶ CHM Reader, CHM to PDF, CHM to EPUB ▶▶▶▶▶ CHM Reader Ultimate is a professional chm tool, its can help you view your chm files, and export chm to PDF, EPUB, so you can read your chm

WARNING This version of the application is only for customers of ADNX company in need of this old version. TinyBinary is offering a new major version named tinyEye. Check our website.


Nub displays differences in folders in an efficient and beautifully stylish way. Nub makes identifing changes in folders quick and easy by displaying what's important and hiding what isn't. Nub compares any number of folders, it is not limited to co