Developer: Xelaton Software

Current Version: 1.7.0

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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"Myary" is an easy to use diary-style writing-application with powerful under the hood- and export-features.

Features of Myary

Saving your entries
Every single entry will be stored in a separate file and you can freely choose where to save your entries. Myary automatically creates a clean folder hierarchy where you can find your entries fast, even outside of Myary. Additionally all entries will be saved in the open txt-file-format so you can open your entries in many text-editors without problems. You keep full control over your entries.
Alternatively you can also save your entries in the open Textbundle-package-format, which collects all data of a single entry into one file. With a single click in the preferences of Myary you're set up. More infos about the the Textbundle-format can be found at

Creating multiple diaries
Myary allows you to create multiple diaries, so you can diverse your entries by topics and projects.

Special editor and fullscreen-modes
The editor of Myary offers a lot of features to make writing more efficient and spare you using the mouse, like automatic list-creation (* and - signs) or moving of text-passages with keyboard-shortcuts. Further Myary has an inbuilt Tab-Action-Manager where you can define texts which will be inserted into your entries by using a self-defined keyword and the Tab-key.

Additionally you can set the look of the editor to your preferences: Colors of text and background, font-size and -type, text-margins and more.

Also, Myary offers the well known fullscreen-mode (OSX 10.7 or higher) and a distraction-free mode where you can concentrate on your text wholefully.

Collecting external files
You can add to each entry files which will be stored in a separate folder. Myary offers options to view these files in Myary itself or to open the files with an external application. Please Note: Files can't be added directly within the text, however you can use Markup to add images to your text.

Myary supports following markup-languages: Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Textile, BBCode, Wikitext, HTML und Smark. Next to shortcuts for bold- and inverse-type and headlines. Further you can use markup while exporting your entries. Further Myary offers an integrated preview-mode to preview your formatted entries.

To write a note without starting a new entry quickly, you can use the notes-feature of Myary. Using notes allows you to collect notes, annotations or outline-ideas for your entries. To add notes in Myary, there are several options available. Next to writing a note within the application itself, you can also use the status-bar feature to write a note or use the Myary-bookmarklet from to send selected text from most web-browsers to Myary with a single mouse-click.

Exporting entries
Myary offers it's own export-manager to export your entries to different text-formats. As formats available are plain text, RTF(text only), RTFD, HTML, Doc(text only), ODT(text only), Textbundle, Textpack and PDF. Next to choosing an export-format, you can also choose to export your entries into single files or to one file, which collects all selected entries.
Additionally there is the option to export your selected entries as an ePub-eBook-file, so you can read your diary on an eBook-reader.


Release Notes:

- context-menu for the attachment-bar

- tweaks to the interface of the Tab-Action-Table
- tweaks to the interface of the CSS-Style-Table
- new Markup-Transformation-Engine implemented
- replaced the the strike-markup for Markdown and MultiMarkdown, instead of using the strike-tag, a del-tag will be set
- optimizations to the text-editor-core
- optimizations to the attachment-system
- smaller adjustments to the search-results-list interface
- several internal methods refreshed/rewritten/optimized

- resolved an issue within the Smark-transformation, which could lead to freezing Myary
- corrected website-links within the menu


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Version 1.3.0
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This developer “gets it”! - Open standards. Open formats. Keep It Simple Sam. I have every one of this developers’ products and couldn’t be happier. I sync all my notes on my Synology DiskStation. I don’t use “the cloud”. Everything works flawlessly. Plus, I have the peace of mind knowing that all my data is in an easy to migrate format (markdown usually) and not housed in some proprietary database “locking me in” to a specific Company or software package. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! (Danke schön!)

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