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Use MyRoutes for planning, tracking, researching and reviewing global travel.

MyRoutes enables you to create, visualize, and edit world routes and to link media resources with a route or any stop on the route.

MyRoutes employs a set of custom, color-relief maps offering a perspective similar to what astronaut observes when viewing the earth from space. Routes are plotted as "great circles" over the surface of the globe. Unlike the more common "flat maps", MyRoutes' maps and plotted paths offer an immediate and true appreciation of where widely-separated points are located relative to each other on the earth. With MyRoutes, you can, for example, quickly appreciate which regions or countries you might fly over when traveling between widely separated locations, or where a distant location is located from you.

Spot Locations.

a. Spot a location using the built-in database.

To do this, MyRoutes has a built-in database of the capital cities for all nations, U.S. states, and Canadian provinces, for major airline hub cities, and for more than 150 islands. Click on a choice in the database table and MyRoutes displays the appropriate map and the chosen place. Double-click on a database item to request a detail map for that location via your internet browser (when available).

b. Spot an arbitrary point anywhere on earth and identify the nearest adjacent airline hub city.

To do this, you can move among the set of MyRoutes maps by "right-click and drag" in the main view and then clicking on a point of interest. When you do this, the "whole degree" latitude and longitude of the clicked point is displayed, along with the nearest listed airline hub city. For example, if you are planning to travel to a remote part of the earth, MyRoutes identifies one possible option for long-distance airline travel to that location.

Create, Visualize and Edit Routes.

With MyRoutes, you create routes as a series of routes segments from one to place to another. Each route stop is the end of a route segment. Route segments are created by choosing among database locations, or points that you click on one of MyRoutes' maps, or your home location. Your route can start anywhere, stop anywhere, and end anywhere. Any route stop will be automatically displayed on the most appropriate map, and you can visualize entire routes from the perspective of any stop.

You can also edit routes by adding and deleting stops or by reordering stops easily by "drag and drop". As you edit a route, the revised route can be immediately displayed.

Click on a created route by name to display the route and its list of associated media resources. Double-click on a route stop to request a detail map for that place through your internet browser (when available).

Link Media Resources with Routes and Route Places.

Once a route is created, MyRoutes enables you to link any file or internet address to the route or any stop on the route. Drag in files or internet addresses. List and edit your resources by route, by route stop, or for both. Sort your list by name or type. Double-click on a media item to launch it using its native application on your computer.

Enjoy Personal Preferences.

Spot your home location on the map so that distant places can be viewed relative to your home location. Change your location at will. Choose to display distance in miles or kilometers.

Get Help Easily.

MyRoutes includes a detailed Help Book, with help buttons near each view, table, control, and panel to offer you quick advice on how to get the most out of your copy of MyRoutes.

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