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Developer: Piccolo Picco Ltd

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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My Web Desktop is your new simple desktop wallpaper assistant, allowing for wallpapers to be set in just one click!

- Type or paste in a web link from Safari and set it as your wallpaper with great ease.
- Auto update feature: Use the preset delays to have your wallpaper updated for as long as the app is running - perfect for news sites & stock tickers.
- Backup and restore: You can restore your previous wallpaper in one click and the app will always remember what your old wallpaper was!
- Automatic resolution updating: If your screen resolution changes whilst the app is running, it will update the wallpaper to match the new screen size.
- Specially optimised for all retina displays.

... plus some amazing updates already planned!


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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0
Review by zmre

Requires URLs with leading www and no second screen support - I tried both this app and WebWall and neither work for me for different reasons. “My Web Desktop” forces a leading “www” in the URL. Since the URL I want on my desktop does not have a leading www, I cannot set it to be fetched. Also, I would like to set the desktop for my second monitor instead of my primary screen and this app does not seem to support that feature. At this point I’ve spent money on two apps that have completely let me down.

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