My Koi

Developer: Sakana Studios

Current Version: 1.44

Last Updated: 20 days ago

Download Size: 80.7 MB - Download


My Koi, now available on Mac after the success of the iOS version. Featured in 40+ countries in the App Store under 'Best New Updates' in April 2017.

My Koi is a beautiful and relaxing fish pond app. Customise and name each fish. Feed them daily. Watch them grow. Collect new fish. Escape and relax.



"Love it love it love it - I can't keep my self from checking on them every 3 to 4 hours ... This relaxes me at work." 5 stars. - Raulito1991, USA
"The best game ever!!!! - I went into the App Store a few days ago looking for a old koi game I used to play. I instead ended with this and I love it! Worth every cent, this game is so fun. " 5 Stars. - Blenore, USA
" Superb! Well done and realistic !!!" 5 stars.- Apaz69, Italy
" If you are seeking out a serene experience, then look no further than My Koi". -


With My Koi you can

* Add up to 16 unique fish to your pond. Change their scales and patterns. No two fish are alike so everyones experience will be different
* Unlock more fish slots and new varieties once milestones have been reached
* View and track each fish underwater
* Feed your fish and watch them swim to food
* See your fish grow over time and see their growth stats
* Name each fish
* Tap them and watch them swim away
* View fish happiness levels which will change depending on how much they are fed
* The time of day will change as you play effecting sound and light
* Variable rain and thunder
* 6 varieties of butterfly that visit the flowers on your pond
* Enjoy the calming atmosphere and beauty of your own private koi pond whilst listening to the relaxing sounds of nature

So, download My Koi now to escape and relax with your own private underwater oasis.

My Koi currently has no in-app purchases or advertising.


Release Notes:

Bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.41
Review by mazyhp2346

High Quality Digital Koa Fish Pond! - remember those screensavors in the early 90’s with fish? This is a more interactive and highly impressive version! This is Koa pond of which you can choose your fish. You start with one fish and as you progress that fishes size or attributes over time, you can earn the ability to generator or choose another fish. You also get to name that fish. There is a variety of ways to decorate your pond with leaves, color of water, lily pads or not. the day turns to night and rain can happen anytime with or without thunderstorms. To get more fish you have to keep your fish well fed. Once a real time day you need to feed them to keep the water clean. but over time you get to see them grow. Some fish are limited in size but some will grow to great sizes over time. The pictures are accurate though they look so much more beautiful in action. You can add new fish after your fish achieve some sizes. Each fish you can name as well. It also comes with the ability to play some very relaxing music now and then. It is not a full piece of music but a hint of relaxation. The sounds of the pond are clean and lovely. You can angle your view from the top down to under the water like a fishtank view. Though you can also look up from the bottom up towards the sun or sky and all around. you can also follow a specific fish. Very enjoyable as a digital Koa Fish tank and a casual fun of seeing them grow and adding new fish.

Found helpful by 20 out of 21 people
Version 1.41
Review by cjboffoli

Tries a person’s patience - If I knew this game would only provide you with one fish to look at, and that you’d have to wait forever to add more, I wouldn’t have bothered downloading it.

Found helpful by 11 out of 16 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.44
Review by Producer_girl

LOVE this app - This app is beautiful. The fish and the pond are so vivid and the sound design is so soothing. Well worth the price for the 5 minutes of peace it gives me every day. Watching the fish swim around lowers my stress levels for sure. The developer is amazing as well—my fish got wiped at one point and Andy got back to me immediately and helped me save my fish! I wish I got that kind of support for all the software I run, haha :) For those running on older machines, this can run a little hot but the developer offers a couple different settings so you can adjust as need be. Did I mention I LOVE this app??

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.44
Review by rah55

Best $2 I’ve spent in ages. - First, I don’t care for fishing and have no desire to have a fish pond on my property. That said, this is a truly superb app. Found it by accident on the App Store and I’m very glad I did. The most relaxing, beautiful app I’ve had on my Macs in two decades. Graphics are great on my 27” iMac. Processor not over-taxed at all. Being able to generate new fish and species is a wonderful touch. Very customizable - sounds, music (ambient - very good quality), water color, leaves, time of day lighting - two views - above or level with the pond. Rain if you want it. Leaves or not. And the new fish are immensely customizable. They can be named! Four of my children are swimming around in the pond as I write. I hope I remembered to feed them this morning... I’m not able to come up with anything negative about this app. I had a feature idea which I emailed in and almost immediatley received a well-crafted response. This may be the most relaxing and downright pleasurable app you’ll have on your Mac. Very highly recommended!

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.44
Review by Tigerzivyfun

Better than bubble wrap therapy - Really a soothing relaxing way way to pass time. Even if you don’t want to actively play the sound effects are very relaxing and calm. incredible graphics and its obvious so much thought went into the creation of this game. I love that you can set the rain, or no rain. Set water color and plans (not to mention leaves). Forget paying all sorts of money for those nature tapes!! This has bullfrogs, thunder, ripping water and all the sweet white noise sounds you could ever want! I come on several times a day to feed my sweet babies and watching them grow and mature! I am excited to see if maybe we will someday be able to change the plants too! I get so excited when I get a new fish to add. I also found this by accident and it is seriously the best 2 bucks I ever spent! I am super excited to see what the developers do with this. PS~ I am running a Mac Mini so don’t be afraid! The levels of color and quality are adjustable for any Mac that meets the requirements.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.44
Review by Pascel

The PERFECT APP! - One of the best apps for Mac! Very relaxing and enjoyable. You’ll love it! Send it as a gift to friends or family. This developer has no plans for IAPs or ads, and they’re very responsive for support. Great for relaxing during your work, for taking a refreshing break. Now, onto my studies! This quality in an app is what I wish we saw more of in the App Store. The time you paid a few bucks for a great app, owned it outright, and really enjoyed it. Just buy it already :)

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.44
Review by HamsterGlen

Peaceful and Relaxing - Stare into the crystal clear water of your own Koi pond. Distant thunder, then a light rain begins to fall. Crickets and frogs blend softly with the ambient music. Beneath the lily pads your beautiful Koi are swimming past. A butterfly lands briefly on a water lily, then flutters away. Toss some food pellets into the water and switch to the side view to watch your fish eat. Be patient, and watch your fish grow each day as you add new ones. I originally had several beautiful fish, but like some other reviewers, I lost them after a program update. After contacting the developer I received a quick response. Andy was extremely helpful and sympathetic, explaining how to try and restore my lost fish. But in keeping with the Zen teachings of non-attachement I decided to let my original fish go and start a new pond. Great “game” from a very supportive developer. I’m looking forward to any future enhancements to My Koi.

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