Music Business 101 - Copyright and Mechanical Royalties

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Learn how to protect your music and lyrics, make lots of money and get royalty income from sources that you could never have imagined. How? By harnessing the power of copyright...

Music isn't just an art, it's a business, too. And every creator of a song, a lyric, a melody or score is protected by Federal Copyright Law. This course, Music Business 101 , will teach you how you can harness the power of Copyright to further your career and your bank account!

This little symbol we call the copyright sign '©', can change your career and your life. It protects you from theft. It gives you powerful Federal rights. And it acts as a money funnel, directing income right to you: the copyright owner of the music.

If your song is broadcast on the radio, TV, satellite or cable, appears in a movie, is used in a commercial or performed in a bar, legally (or illegally) downloaded, covered by a band, used on a website, or even sampled in someone else's song, stolen or copied... you are owed money! However, you won't get a cent unless you are the copyright owner and know how to protect your rights!

In this first course of a four-part series, Professor Paul Bissell will take you on a thorough and entertaining ride through the basics of copyright. You'll learn about the different kinds of copyright and Paul will explain the "five rights" granted to you by law. You'll also learn about Mechanical, Synchronization and Performance royalties. You'll understand what they are and how to get them!

Most of all, you come away from this course with a new appreciation—and a powerful understanding—of what copyright is and how you can use it to protect your music! So get ready to take the first step toward turning your music skills into a music business. Join Paul Bissell on this fun and entertaining exploration we call Music Business 101!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. What's a Song?
3. Tainted Love
4. PA & SR Copyrights
5. CD and Album Liner Notes
6. What Is Copyright?
7. The Five Rights - Part 1
8. The Five Rights - Part 2
9. The Sixth Right!
10. The Layers of Law
11. What Can Be Copywritten?
12. Prima Facie
13. Showing the Symbol
14. Acts Terms Public Domain
15. Publisher Publishing
16. The Copyright Office
17. Boys of Summer
18. ECO Register 1
19. ECO Register 2
20. Work for Hire
21. Boys of Summer - Digging
22. Boys of Summer - Banking
23. Mechanical Licenses
24. The Mechanical Compulsory
25. Compulsory Restrictions
26. More Restrictions
27. Epilogue


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