MultiMarkdown Composer 2

Developer: MultiMarkdown Software, LLC

Current Version: 2.9

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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##### IMPORTANT #####

A new version of MultiMarkdown Composer is in the works (Version 3.0). Please visit our web site for more information **BEFORE** you purchase.

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## The Best MultiMarkdown Editor Just Got Better! ##

MultiMarkdown Composer is a text editor that is designed from the ground up around the MultiMarkdown Syntax. It is designed to make writing in MultiMarkdown even easier than it already is, with automatic syntax highlighting, built in previews, easy export to any format that is supported by MultiMarkdown, and more!

By using an editor built around Markdown and MultiMarkdown, you can focus on the actual *writing*, rather than worrying about formatting and styles. Let the computer deal with that when you're ready to export your document to another format.

## Learn More ##

If you are unfamiliar with Markdown or MultiMarkdown, or just want to learn more about MultiMarkdown Composer and what it can do, please visit before purchasing this application. We want you to be sure that you will be happy with your purchase!

You can also visit to learn more about the application, see screenshots, and even video previews and demonstrations.

## New Features for Version 2 ##

Version 2 is a complete rewrite of MultiMarkdown Composer and includes the following:

* Performance improvements
* Live HTML preview
* "Synchronized Scrolling" --- you can scroll the editing pane or the preview pane, and both sides will line up properly, even in fairly complex documents!
* Improved Style Themes and ability to customize look and feel
* Table of Contents can be used to rearrange your document with drag and drop
* Built in help and MultiMarkdown "cheat sheet"
* Ability to show invisible characters
* Support for CriticMarkup( for comparing documents or collaborating with others

## Key Features ##

* MultiMarkdown syntax highlighting
* Customizable themes - choose from built in themes, including solarized, or design your own
* Instant preview of rendered HTML
* Easily copy HTML, RTF, or LaTeX output to the clipboard with one keystroke to paste into other applications
* Support for using Marked to preview your document if it's installed
* Automatic table of contents drawer for easy navigation
* HUD panels to display document statistics, defined reference labels, etc.
* Instant export to HTML, OPML, LaTeX, Flat OpenDocument format, Word(with limitations), RTF, and basic ePub export
* Support for custom commands when exporting HTML
* Multiple keyboard shortcuts to minimize the need to use the mouse
* Easily print your text file without struggling with arcane settings to make it fit properly on the page
* Easily switch between MultiMarkdown and the original Markdown syntax for both highlighting and HTML preview/export
* "Typewriter" scrolling mode
* ODB Editor Protocol support -- works in OS 10.8+ only

## Assisted Editing - features to automate entering MMD syntax ##

* automatic list formatting
* "smart pairs" --- close parentheses, brackets, quotes, etc.
* support for "elastic tabstops" so your document is properly aligned
* single keystroke indent and outdent of lines
* automatic link creation

We can't reply to comments, suggestions, or bug reports in these reviews - please contact us at h[email protected] or so that we may respond to your questions and assist with any problems you may have. We have noticed that several of the very few negative comments are actually related to user error --- we'd love to help you fix your issues, but can't if you don't contact us. Thank you!


Release Notes:

* Fix scrolling issue in latest macOS version
* Other bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.4.3
Review by Max Stout

Great Product, Better Developer - I have spent years trying to get my perfect workflow. I teach, and need to create lectures, presentations, tests, handouts, etc. Over the years I have used Microsoft Office, LaTeX, Lout, Groff, iWork and too many word processors too count. Yet never did find a system that did everything I wanted in the way I wanted. When the iPad came out and Markdown began to gain traction I checked it out, but it wasn't ready for my needs. Fletcher Penney's Multimarkdown took it to the level I needed, and I initially bought Multimarkdown Composer as a way of thanking him. I was more than happy to buy Multimarkdown Composer 2 for the same reason. But this time, I love the product. I finally have a workflow that works the way I want. Most of what I write now begins in this app. I have contacted the developer twice with issues, and he has been extremely responsive. Next day responsive! I can't wait for Multimarkdown Composer 3 to come out - I don't have any problems with the current product, but I need to reimburse him for his time.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 2.8
Review by %_Mike_%

Randomly crashes - Good editor, definitely one of the best out there, but it randomly crashes, without saving the work which gets lost...

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.9
Review by davidjoho

Best Markdown editor I’ve found - Once I set up a style sheet the way I like it, I became very happy with this MultiMarkdown editor. With a 7,500 word article it’s remained responsive both in the editing window and in the wysiwyg html preview. I’m finding that the inline footnote markup works well, which matters for the sort of stuff I write. I’ve tried out a bunch of markdown editors, but the two others I’m most familiar with are Ulysses and BBedit. Advantages over others: 1. Flexible style sheets for both the editing and preview windows. 2. Easy html export. 3. Live html preview. 4. Price. Disadvantages compared to others: 1. I don’t find the default stylesheets to be very appealing (obviously a matter of taste). 2. Ulysses handles footnotes better; it turns your markup into a button so you aren’t distracted while reading the editor window. 3. The stylesheets are non-obvious to create and the documentation could be better; there’s a sample with some inline comments, but you’ll do a whole bunch of guessing first. A word about BBedit, a fantastic programming editor with many specialized tools. For programming, MultiMarkdown Composer does let you include highlightjs for syntax highlighting, but BBedit remains the champ (in my view) if you’re mainly writing code. I switched from BBedit for non-code because while it makes it easy to colorize your text based on syntax, I prefer a colorization for markdown that’s different from the colorization for code, but BBedit’s colorizing interface assigns the same colors to all files. It’s a small thing, but it matters for something as intimate as writing text. Also, BBedit’s preview window (or the more agreeable Marked app) doesn’t update with every keystroke; MMC's does. TL;DR: I’m enjoying writing with MMC.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.9
Review by Hammer6

Foundation of my daily workflow - After over two years, MultiMarkdown Composer continues to be my go-to tool for writing documents in Markdown. On top of the flexibility of style sheets, support for Markdown tables, and flexible output, this year I’ve discovered the power of footnote support. When taking notes, I capture action items in real-time using Multimarkdown Composer’s support for Markdown footnotes. It prevents jumping around in the document while taking notes and engaging other meeting participants. The clarity of seeing agreed-upon action item commitments drives home the value of the meeting and helps insure commited work is actually accomplished. Add to that a superb and responsive developer, ongoing development and enhancements, and solid on-line resources and Multimarkdown Composer is a no-brainer. Serious about Markdown? This is your tool of choice.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.9
Review by aentarra

great app for someone new to markdown - Update; I have tried five or six apps for Markdown, and while a few have some nice features, none of them compare overall to MultiMarkdown Composer. It’s the best and it has become my go-to app for danm near everything. I’m new to using Markdown and this app is just what I needed. It has good built-in shortcuts and also the preview window is perfect for seeing what you’re doing wrong as you learn. Great export options, and I love the TOC and inf windows. As I have continued to use this app, it keeps getting better. I now use it for all of my blog posts and it makes integration with Wordpress easy. It’s especially helpful if you do guest posts as you can export to html or many other options and supply the host blogger with whatever format they want.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.9
Review by VigorousVigors

Great app for working with Markdown files - The dual-paned windows showing both the edit and the preview windows are a nice feature. Tabs allow you to open multiple files much like a browser. It’s not perfect. I notice I can’t easily copy and paste from the preview pane for some reason, but overall a very effective app.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people