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Developer: RoGame Software

Current Version: 2.4.5

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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There is a new version of this app:

Learn how to read music in a game. Five minutes here - five minutes there and your reading will improve dramatically.

Mozart is a program designed to aid in the process of learning how to read music. It does that in form of a game. Once the game is started via the toolbar notes begin streaming from the right side of the screen. These notes have to be identified in the order of their appearance with the current input instrument (i.e. piano). In addition to regular notes there is an array of game characters including bonus notes, flyers, jumpers, bombs, and many more. Once a note gets too close to the clef on the left side of the screen it disappears in a cloud of vapor and the player loses one life point. For each note named in time the player receives one or more points. The further the game progresses the more notes will appear and their range will widen to potentially include many ledger lines above and below the staff as well as accidentals. Once a player has depleted all of his or her lives the game is over and he or she may receive a high score.

There are two basic instruments - letters (c, d, e) and solfége (do, re, mi) and four advanced instruments - bass, guitar, mandolin and piano. Mozart can be played in the four most common clefs - alto, bass, tenor and treble. These can be used in all 12 major and minor key signatures. Left-handed players may want to have the stringed instruments display invertedly with the left-handed option. In Training Mode an instrument's position can be pre-defined before starting a new game. Positions remain static throughout the game in Training Mode and an additional option exists to slow down note streaming.

Mozart makes the task of learning how to read music enjoyable by immersing the student in a well-designed and challenging game. The didactic advantage to this approach is quite considerable for one because the time spent playing a game is not perceived as "study time" by the player. On top of that, however, the game forces players to identify notes very quickly as the animation progresses, a note changes position or the key signature changes in mid-flight. In version 2.0 the average time a player spends completing a game has more than doubled. At the same time the inclusion of accidentals and instrument positioning has broadened the spectrum of what is learned in the game. Anyone involved in learning or teaching an instrument or music in general will find Mozart to be of great value and most importantly - great fun.

There is a newer version of this app:

- supports Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)
- very immersive game play
- 2 basic instruments (a, b, c, or do, re, mi)
- 4 advanced instruments (bass, guitar, mandolin and piano)
- supports movable and fixed Do
- training mode
- half-speed option
- alto, bass, tenor, treble clefs
- all major and minor keys
- non-diatonic notes
- adjustable tuning for all string instruments
- support for left-handed players
- high-quality samples
- MIDI input from class-compliant USB controllers
- top ten list
- localized help
- Academic discounts available
- Localized into Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish

Please make sure to contact us directly at the email address listed below with any issues or suggestions as we are not privy to comments in most countries. For more screenshots and several videos of the application in action, please visit the website indicated below.


Release Notes:

This version addresses several minor graphic issues and improves compatibility with Mac OS 10.11.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2.1
Review by rgreen

So much potential - but not good enough yet! - Mozart has the potential to be the best sight reading game on the Mac. But it has numerous issues which keep this app from being ready for prime-time in any serious way. 1) still very glitchy and borderline unusable MIDI implementation. This needs to be fixed asap! 2) There is no way to choose the specific level that the user starts from. This means that more experienced or advanced users can’t choose to start at a more advanced level. This discourages the concpept of short, regular, practice sessions that increment with difficualy over time. This is one of the main reasons that I can’t use this app with my music students. We just simply dont have time to start from the begenning evey time - it’s a waste of a music student’s precious time! 3) There is no way to track a student’s progress or save profiles of multiple students. This makes it unusable in a school setting (where this program could be the most successful). As a professional musician and music teacher, I have mixed feelings about this app. I feel it has such great potential. But until these issues are fixed, I can’t reccomend this app.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people