Developer: Herve Flores

Current Version: 2.00

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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MovieIndex generates a contact sheet from all video types.

▶ Handles every sort of videos, whatever QuickTime compliant (like .mov or ProRes, .m4v, …) or all others exotic videos (mts, mkv, avi, …ogv, webm).
▶ New in version 2.00: now, the application also supports modern video formats like the h265.
▶ Always displayed images at the good ratio (not badly stretched!)
▶ No comb's effect into images.
▶ Two quality modes, depending on the purpose of your cataloged video: to store onto disk or to print.
▶ And some classical customizable options: choose the size of images, their number, page background color, which captions you want as accompaniments and their size, …
▶ Optional feature: Can automatically adjust the number of thumbnails of your "contact sheet" according to the duration of your video (ie: what is the point of generating 64 thumbnails for a 10-second movie? ;-))
▶ Optional feature: Added an 'derush' option: to extract a thumbnail every (xx) seconds (…useful to identify your rushes before editing).
▶ Optional feature: Can generate an additional thumbnail for your Multimedia Hard Disk. If your device can display a thumbnail of your videos (ie: WD TV Live), so create it with your index page.
▶ The app runs in modern 64bit mode, is optimized for newest OS (from old OS 10.7 to latest one) and for Retina display.

MovieIndex, …because a "cataloged video" is far more convenient to consult than the video itself.


Release Notes:

- New features:
• Generate an additional summary of all your loaded movies (so, create a contact sheet for every videos and their summary).
• New automatism: allow to directly load all videos from an SD card.

- Major Bugfix: due some system updates, "Transport Stream videos" (like .ts or .m2ts) produced a blank page. Corrected !

- User request: New preference to choose the size of the video captions (size: mini, medium or big)

- Optimizations: The app is far speeder with "Transport Stream videos" and more reliable (ie: memory management bug fixes, to allow to load more than 500 videos).

- Various minor bug fixes and improvements (45 changes).



Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.70
Review by saneman

Does not function as specified. - This product doesn’t work as specified. - Drag and Drop of Movies/Folders does not work. This severely limits the usefulness of the product. - An advertisement for the sellers website is placed on the resulting photos. You may be able to remove the advertisement by rating the app, I don’t know. - The screenshots are misleading and outdated. They don’t show the actual settings available. - Was not able to specify an output folder. Again, the screenshots show an option for this, but it does not appear in my app. - Does not allow user to set the size of the thumbnails, only allows the selection of a number from a few predefined templates. - Does not offer customization or formatting of text which results in the output looking crude. This application isn’t really an application, it is an advertisement, cobbled together from a limited user interface slapped onto command line utility functionality. I would avoid purchasing it.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.00
Review by RossInEugene

Index size limitation - App works okay. My iMac 27” iMac can display 2560 x 1440 but the maximum contact sheet display width is 1200. I can fill the screen, but the thumbnails will be upscaled. I could print to PDF for higher resolution, but that pdf file would about 10 times the size of the jpg.

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