MovieCam Free

Developer: Herve Flores

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 13.2 MB - Download


Why technology has to spoil you the fun of a video??
MovieCam handles all video types (with or without 'comb effects') from cameras/camcorders.
MovieCam, because simplicity does not have to degrade quality!

Features in the Free version:
▶ Prepare videos for iMovie.
▶ Remove 'comb effects'.
▶ Make slow motions (if your camcorder shoots 'more images than necessary', eg: most of customers camcorders do it).
▶ Unify videos from different camcorders.

MovieCam Free:
▶ Because your memories are too precious to be badly handled.
▶ Because everyone is not an expert in video technology.
▶ Because manufacturers of camcorders have created a 'new incomprehensible terminology' to describe their videos (1080i50, 720p25, HDV 1080i60, etc) and editing softwares use a 'different terminology' (25i, 25p, 30i, etc).
▶ Because iMovie has some specific needs for its editing.
▶ Because you have specific needs for your editing.
Or because you want more than your editing software proposes to you when importing videos ;-).



Release Notes:

► Handle interference between any application from the Mac App Store (so secured by the "sandbox" feature) AND the customized codecs you added to your user folder (like the "Perian" codec). Moviecam no longer fails during these conversions.
► Compatibility with Mac OS 10.9 (minor changes).
► Add German and Italian localizations.
► User request: Ability to not warn about the end of an encoding (…set the new checkbox in preferences panel).
► Various minor bugfixes.