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Enjoy 4 super solitaires games: Gaps, Pyramid, Scorpion & Twenty, all bundled in one fantastic free game. The game comes with tons of features and options: * Very high quality graphics * 3D animation effects * Full screen and Windowed modes * Onlin

WE ARE DOOMED is a twin-stick shooter where you zap polygon baddies with an absurdly overpowered laserbeam. Dive head-first into the action with reckless ambition, charge the SUPERBEAM, and zap everything out of existence in an instant. Chase high sc

Bear Balls is a fast paced, addictive action game which is simple to learn but difficult to master. Use the control pad at the bottom of the screen to move Bearnadette towards the house whilst avoiding the balls. How easy can it be? Oh, did we men

***CELEBRATING THE RELEASE OF "WORLD OF KHAOS" ***World of Khaos for Mac on the BEST NEW GAMES list spot #1 in more than 150 countries!*** Getting the balls into the right boxes is fun but tricky in this physics puzzle game. You need to tap away th

New free colorful game in Match3 style ! Your goal is to defend the food reserves in the cellar from the invasion of hungry mice. In spite of the cheese was hidden thoroughly the rodents managed to make a tunnel just to the object. Do not let the mic

Captain LeFop got lost in the jungle in his search for booty. A Mind-Boggling adventure through an undiscovered temple complex is his only way out. Can you solve all the secrets the temples hold? Temple Trouble is best described as a "topdown advent

“Crazy Driver” is a perfect racing game in keeping with the best traditions of addictive arcade simulators! Forget for a while who you are! It doesn’t matter because now you are extremely crazy driver who is keen set on money and va

Introducing the "ANNO 1977" series: Experience a fast-paced, procedural ultra-retro skill game that could just as well date back to 1977! Not only was that the birth year of the creator of this app, but also the iconic Atari VCS (Atari 2600) was born

Take part in this game on the role of a sort of angel character! Help out Baby Jones, our little adventurer, through obstacles and get him safe to the end of each challenge. With 30 different puzzles you will manipulate the environment, so our hero

A computer game with staggering 5000 chess variants! Play against the computer or friends online... If you get tired of one game, just switch to the next and an entire new world of possibilities awaits you! The game includes a great number of feat

Help the Little Yellow Submarine to navigate through the sea, but avoid dangerous obstacles everywhere around. Collect as many coins as possible and drive the longest distance. Go for the longest distance and the most coins and compare your scores

Unlock the full adventure from within the game! THE STORY Guide Armado as he rolls, jumps, and crashes his way through this action packed journey. Armado is a young armadillo who becomes an unsuspecting hero in an adventure that takes him from sunny

Main Features If you like "lots of fun", then this is the game for you! ✓ Top notch physics will make this game an amazing experience. ✓ 2X - 3X pointers ✓ Extremely addictive ✓ TOP score charts ✓ Become a PRO i

Have an appetite for words? Then join Lex the Bookworm in the hit word-puzzle game created by PopCap, makers of the best casual games this side of Jupiter! Link letter tiles left, right, up and down to build words to keep Lex sated and smiling. The b

Jump on clouds as high as you can. Collect teddy bears and good fruits. Destroy crates and bad fruits with real 3D Baby Ninja attacks! Don't fall down from the clouds! You can play two gameplay modes, Easy and Ninja. "NINJA" GAMEPLAY MODE: Playing t

Surf for your life across the galaxy! An inevitable destructive force is after you... The end of the universe! Your only hope? You can cheat death by rewinding time! Get ready for the most adrenaline-pumping surf of the year! PRESS "Time Surfer is

BoXiKoN has been a popular Mac puzzle game for some years now, and is finally available on Mac App Store. The game is very easy to learn; it will be love at first play! Simply rotate and place shapes into the grid to form solid connecting lines acros

Enjoy the most played game in the history of computer. What's the rule? ================ You start with an empty field and have to uncover squares one at a time. Underneath each is either a space, a number, or a mine. The numbers tell you how man

StuntMANIA - the super fast paced 3D car stunt exploration game, where you get to go crazy spinning and jumping your car all over some amazing environments!. StuntMANIA is not just a driving game... It's a 3D platformer. You don't have to drive from


3 Games In 1 For Free 1- Drop The Checkers And Try To Get 4 In A Row Vertically Or Horizontally Or Diagonally . 2- A New Style Tic Tac Toe With More Space And For More Players , You Chose The Rules Of The Game 3 or 4 or 5 … X and O In A Row .