Developer: Many Tricks

Current Version: 3.2.10

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Moom allows you to easily move and zoom windows—on one display, or to another display—using either the mouse or the keyboard. Moom lets you...

• Hover over the green button and choose from five preset size/location options in a pop-up palette
• Use a grid to 'draw' a window's desired size and location
• Define custom controls to move and zoom, move to other display, center, resize, and more
• Chain custom controls together to execute complex window management tasks
• Save window layouts to easily recreate a desired window arrangement at any time
• Automatically activate saved window layouts on changes in monitor layout, as in when you disconnect from your work display and then open your laptop at home
• Use keyboard mode to do all of this, and more, without ever touching a mouse

Once you've tried Mooming your windows, you'll never go back to simply moving and zooming them again.


Release Notes:

• Fixed a login items issue that could cause Moom to crash on launch for some users running macOS High Sierra.
• Improved compatibility with with certain third-party applications.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.2.1
Review by Dutchess23

Why is Apple giving Developers Such a hard time? - Moom is THE BEST! I have tried a bunch of window placement applications, and Moom simply just works. Having said that, buying from the MAS is becoming more and more difficult, as developers are literally “boxed” in by “Sandboxing” rules, disallowing them to add features that one would get if one purchased direct. I see the MAS going by the wayside if this continues. It’s unfortunate really. I recommend this app whole heartedly, but if you want to receive future updates for your applications, start buying direct or you will not. This goes not just for Moom but for all apps, because after doing some research, I have found that most of my apps are in fact, outdated compared to the version if I had bought direct. Back to Moom, well, it has a bit of a learning curve, but the developer has great video tutorial support on the website, so once you set it up just the way you like it, it works like a dream. The developer is responsive and very good, and has other apps that are well built. I give this a ten star rating. Get it, you will not be dissapointed!

Found helpful by 16 out of 20 people
Version 3.2.8
Review by DS10484

Hex layout MUST GO - First, I have LOVED this app for years and it is one of the 1st things I install on my machine or anyone else’s that I customize for them. Second, DO NOT break something that was working perfectly before. The hex grid instead of the square grid is needlessly complicated and senselessly hard to parse. Thankfully I use this app mostly using keyboard shortcuts because otherwise I would have instantly deleted the app after this change. Please don’t mess with my workflow if you can’t offer obvious improvements by doing so. Stylistic choices are just that and are generally not worth the turmoil. By the way, this is the first app review I have EVER written - that is how much I HATE this change.

Found helpful by 13 out of 18 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.2.10
Review by KDub102.4

Way Cool! - Love this app. It integrates right into the green window button in the upper left-hand corner of every window, which makes it a natural to use. I often have a need to have several windows open simultaneously for either dragging files, or comparing info. With a click, windows are arranged for me!! There’s also some great customization options in the PREFERENCES area for building your own window layouts that you use often. And its RELIABLE, too! Keep up the great work, guys!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 3.2.10
Review by caneridge

Effective - This is my go-to tool for window placement. There are others on the market. The developer keeps this software up-to-date and it has confituration options that allow you to configure it to your needs. The configuration stricks a good ballance between providing capability while keeping things simple.

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Version 3.2.10
Review by Onthelevel2

Priceless! Wouldn’t own a Mac without it. - I’ve been using this app since 2007. The app was perfect then and it’s perfect now. It allows you to quickly and efficiently manage open windows, and is particularly helpful if you have multiple displays as windows can be sent from one screen to the other and resized at the same time. My one sorrow is that some selfish individual said Moom infringed on his patent and so there is no grid anymore when “drawing” the window size; (do you suppose the printers of graph paper spend their time suing each other?)

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Version 3.2.10
Review by ferretface99

Indespensable! - Always one of the first apps I install when starting fresh.

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Version 3.2.10
Review by keltersan

Great app continues to be great :) - Moom has been an essential utility for me over the years. I run a lot of apps at the same time, so with a big screen it’s invaluable. And with a little screen it’s a requirement for me. The developer has always gone out of his way to help solve an issues or even talk things out in terms of best use of the app. It’s flexible for many setups and I love the keyboard controls and Custom grids. A must have.

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