Mixtikl 6

Developer: Intermorphic Ltd.

Current Version: 6.3.8

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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*** Mixtikl 6.3.8 is our final update for Mixtikl 6. This version will remain on the app store for short while for those who have already purchased Mixtikl 6 and who want to get this final update. ***

Love generative music and audio loops? Mix them together with MIXTIKL. Users say: "the premier generative music app", "highly inspiring", "musical antidote to every other synth and DAW I've ever used", "works on so many levels.","Enjoyable, addictive, creative and helpful.", "Love this app, one of my favorites!"

Computer Music Magazine said Mixtikl's end results are "in a class of their own when it comes to generative music”.

Generate high quality, user-customisable, royalty & loop free background music from ambient (relaxation / drone / sleep / meditation etc.) right through to more intense melodic and beat-based loop-tastic EDM mashups using your own or 3rd party loops.

Mixtikl is a dedicated, integrated & powerful multi-platform generative music editor, mixer, arranger and cell sequencer. It includes many modifiable generative music templates that you can easily mix together. To generate its sounds it features the Partikl Sound Engine, a powerful sound source comprising a modular synth with Soundfont (SF2)/DLS support + live FX.

• Total of 48 independent content cells in 12 tracks for mixing/cell sequencing + 380 customisable generative music templates ("parts") and 50 FX presets
• Integral "Partikl" SF2/DLS MIDI & modular synth with 6 high quality SF2 files (Drums Acoustic, Piano, Piano Electric, Guitar 12-String, Synths, E-Perc), 2 DLS files (General MIDI, GenMix1), a range of Tone Generators, FX units (Chorus, Reverb, Filter, Distortion, ODrive, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Amp) and FX control units
• Mix in your own / 3rd party WAV / Ogg audio loops (loops not included, but we have some free loop-including Tiklpaks)*
• Transfer in/out recordings, loops, mix files + your own content Paks**
• Play & record (live or mixdown) at up to CD quality
• Edit / customise generative rules & sound networks; adjust mix tempo/root
• Add in pieces you've created with Noatikl (not included)
• Tap-play mode for interesting generative ambient performances
• Make & use mic audio recordings (internal or external mic required)

Generative music is "endless music created by a system". People want to explore it for a whole host of reasons - from wanting to create new ideas to break creative block to a curiosity to try something different.

• Info: http://mixtikl.com
• Forum: http://forum.intermorphic.com
• FAQ: http://intermorphic.com/mixtikl/faq
• Guide: http://intermorphic.com/mixtikl/guide
• Support: http://intermorphic.com/help/index.php
• License Agreement: http://intermorphic.com/eula

• Customers can run Mixtikl 6 as an Audio Unit Plugin (free to download from our website); no additional purchase is required
* FREE add-on Tiklpaks (some including audio loops) - intermorphic.com/tiklpak/download
** Mac Finder


Release Notes:

Mixtikl 6.3.8 is our final update for Mixtikl 6. This version will remain on the app store for short while for those who have already purchased Mixtikl 6 and who want to get this final update.

- Fixed the Velocity Force Factor parameter operation in the NME
- Displays an alert when attempting to open or import new-format files

NB: We have been working for many months on Mixtikl 7 and it is now available for purchase (it is NOT a free update for Mixtikl 6). Mixtikl 7 includes all new templates, improved synth capabilities and more.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by 1dionysus

One of the best! - I truly like this program and keep coming back to it. It's true that the developers seem like great guys and offer several updates. I can't really think of another generative app that goes this deep while also allowing beginners to explore and enjoy. I am mesmerized by the capabilities of this program! I have every version of Mixtikl and am amazed how they were able to make it work so well on the iphone. If you're looking for a different kind of sequencer or musical experience, I believe you will find Mixtikl to be inspiring. It's great for Ambient, and Drone music but it can do more. I think it's fairly good with harmony, but could be improved melodically. I'd like to see more scales included, more live-oriented effects, a scale background player on the visualizer, more variance in drum sounds an patterns, a more diverse synthesis engine, generative melodies that are not so dependent on patterns and more related to the harmonies of other cells, more play modes and cell options, and MIDI IN/OUT!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 0
Review by tysmith403

horrible - worst thing i've ever downloaded. wish i could get my money back

Found helpful by 1 out of 11 people